Sauble Speedway

Sauble Speedway Reveals Unique Rule Format & Tentative Schedule

Things are getting interesting at the beach this season, as Sauble Speedway has changed things up.

Instead of going with your typical racing divisions on a weekly basis that we have all grown to know, they will be broken down into two classes – “United 8’s and Combined 4’s.”  The premises behind the plan is to allow drivers who may have older cars to find common ground to compete against each other without a lot of changes.

The Highlights are simple

  • United 8’s
    • Don’t Exceed 15.5 seconds (official time to be determined)
    • No Telemetry
    • No Traction Control
    • Maximum Tire Width 10″
    • No Nitrous
    • Minimum Wheel Base
    • Wheels Inside Fender
    • $1000 to win every night
  • Combined 4’s
    • Don’t Exceed 17 seconds (official time to be determined)
    • No Telemetry
    • No Traction Control
    • Maximum Tire Width 7″
    • No Nitrous
    • Stock Appearing
    • $500 to win every night

For those interested in the full rules, click here to check out the post on the track facebook page.

On top of revealing these plans, they also showcased their 2020 schedule. These two classes will be in action through the season, joined by other touring classes from throughout the province. There are also a couple invitationals and special planned to make things even more special at times, including the Dash for Cash.

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  1. Would be nice if they could go back to early 1980 with some footage photos from Sauble speedway. I was racing street stock back then in 1980 81 82

    George McLaughlin


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