Tyler Seaboyer Accomplishes Goal in Winning Sunset Speedway Championship

Battling hard all season long, Tyler Seaboyer put together the pieces to be crowned the 2019 Sunset Speedway G.D. Coates Used Car Superstore Mini Stock Champion.

The success in being able to accomplish his goal means a lot to the third year driver, where he proved that “hard work pays off, as long as you don’t give up even when it gets tough.”

“I won, and I’m proud of it, but there is still lots of room for improvement,” he added.

Seaboyer started off the year fast behind the wheel of his No. 23 Acura, scoring a solid fourth in the season opener. He then came out a week later and backed it up with a victory, proving early he would be a threat all year long.

The next couple of weeks saw the solid finishes continue, including a pair of top-five’s, before the tough times of July hit hard. He scored an eighth place finish on July 13, before being scored a week later due to issues in technical inspection. Seaboyer returned a week later, only to run into mechanical issues in the car, resulting in Nic Montanari to complete in his place behind the wheel of Amanda Shave’s No. 15 entry to get points.

“With me, it always seems to be a roller coaster of a ride through out the season,” Seaboyer said. “There’s highs and lows; this year the low points hit hard. Having something to prove and wanting to achieve that goal is how I think I stayed focused.”

Despite the rough couple of weeks, the determination remained there for Seaboyer, as he came back stronger than ever through the month of August. He scored four straight podium finishes, including a victory on August 24. However, the night everyone remembers the season was a couple weeks later, when he battled back and forth with Eric Yorke through the second half of the feature for the win.

“My favorite moment of the year was the second last night, where in the feature I went toe to toe with Eric Yorke,” Seaboyer commented. “It was fun, which was a nice change. I finished an extremely close second, but it was the after race moment which is my favorite. It was cool having the people I always looked up at the track, waiting for me in tech, complementing me on my performance and that it was one hell of a race. That was the moment I knew I gained there respect as a driver and that beats the trophy any day.”

He would show his familiar speed on championship night, only to have mechanical issues take him out of the running with a couple laps remaining. However, he was still able to take home the title with enough points in hand.

“Championship night would probably be everyone’s guess that it would be my favorite moment of the year, but in reality it wasn’t,” Seaboyer admitted. “Yes it was a great feeling being on the front stretch at the end of the night, but the car broke that night with two laps left and it became very frustrating.”

The success that Seaboyer has been able to experience quickly in his career can easily be attributed to not only those around him, but his own work ethic behind the scenes.

“Behind the scenes there is a lot of work, but that’s no different then any other team that is up there,” he commented. “For me I kinda pushed everyone and everything away and put pretty much all my energy into this. All day every day, the car was on the mind. From what parts I needed to find, to redoing the set up every week, having it in scales, fix damage, or making changes to improve. It doesn’t matter if you won the last race – there is always something to do on these cars. Everyone says it takes money, but no it takes sacrifice and willing to do what ever it takes to get the job done.”

Now moving into the future, Seaboyer admits that his plans are up in the air for 2020, with options to run other tracks, or run the big invitationals that he skipped out this season.

“Whatever happens, my plan for 2020 is to have FUN,” he said. “Points racing isn’t fun.”

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