Delaware Speedway

Andrew Ferreira Scores Controversial Super Stock 50 Victory at Delaware Speedway

Andrew Ferreira proved that he had a quick car, making his way through the field to win the Super Stock 50 lap feature at Delaware Speedway. However, not everybody had cheers for him post-race.

Following the first couple laps, Kathleen Green led ahead of Derek Moesker, Rick Verberne, Trevor Collver, Jamie Klumper, Brittany Beatty, Geoff Chant, Ryan Bright, Andrew Ferreira, Manuel Ferreira, and David McCullough.

Moesker would grab the lead on the restart at Lap 3, with Collver getting alongside him for the top spot. Moesker held on, keeping the top spot ahead of Collver, with Green and Klumper side-by-side. Klumper moved into third on lap 5, bringing Andrew Ferreira through with him as Green dropped back to fifth. Beatty ran sixth ahead of Chant, Bright, and Manuel Ferreira.

Bright got alongside Chant for seventh at Lap 8, with Andrew Ferreira alongside Klumper for third on Lap 12. Andrew Ferreira easily took the spot, with Klumper back to fourth ahead of Green, and Beatty. Collver got alongside Moesker for the lead on Lap 14, taking the top spot a lap later. Ferreira easily followed him through, moving into second with the caution coming out a lap later on lap 16 for Kumper and Moesker tangling in turns three and four.

The restart would see Collver hold the lead, with Green getting loose underneath Ferreira. The condition wouldn’t get better, with Green getting loose in turn three on Lap 18, spinning McCullough with her. With 33 laps to go, Collver led Ferreira, Bright, Klumper, Chant, Moesker, Beatty, McCullough, Manuel Ferreira, and Verberne.

Collver would get a good restart, with Andrew Ferreira right in toe ahead of Bright. Ferreira would challenge Collver for the lead, with contact occurring on Lap 19. Collver would go around, leaving Chant nowhere to go as he piled in. Both Chant and Collver would be done as a result, with Ferreira sent to the tail of the field.

Bright inherited the lead, getting a good restart ahead of Moesker. He was unable to get away, with Moesker taking the lead on lap 20 ahead of Klumper. Klumper would waste no time, taking the top spot three laps later, with Ferreira following through to move into second. Ferreira then made his way by, taking the lead on Lap 24 ahead of Klumper, Bright, Beatty, and Moesker. Moesker would challenge Beatty for fourth on Lap 26, completing the pass a lap later.

The second half of the feature ran cleanly, with Andrew Ferreira cruising to the win ahead of Jamie Klumper, Ryan Bright, Derek Moesker, and Brittany Beatty. David McCullough finished sixth, followed by Manuel Ferreira, Rick Verberne, Kathleen Green, Trevor Collver, and Geoff Chant.

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