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Shae Gemmell Scores First Career APC Series Victory at Sauble

Shae Gemmell doesn’t have to answer the question of when he will get his first career win anymore, as he passed J.R. Fitzpatrick in the late stages to win the APC Auto Parts United Late Models of Ontario Tour Beat The Heat 100 at Sauble Speedway.

Matt Pritiko laid down the quickest lap in qualifying ahead of Treyten Lapcevich, Shae Gemmell, Tim Ellis, and Danny Benedict. Jo Lawrence qualified sixth, followed by J.R. Fitzpatrick, Hudson Nagy, Ryan Kimball, and Gord Shepherd. Nick Goetz qualified 11th, followed by Tom Gibbons, Jake Sheridan, Junior Farrelly, Jade Franklin, Jordan Sims, Jason Parker and Shawn McGlynn. These drivers would lock themselves into the field.

Josh Stade posted the 19th quickest time ahead of Billy Schwartzenburg, Shawn Chenoweth, Andrew Gresel, Jamie Cox, Lane Zardo, Dale Shaw, Blair Wickett, Mat Box, Tyler Di Venanzo, and James Horner.

Though come time for the Last Chance Qualifier, it’d be Shawn Chenoweth starting pole ahead of Jamie Cox, Lane Zardo, Blair Wickett, Mat Box, Tyler Di Venanzo, James Horner, Billy Schwartzenburg, Andrew Gresel, Dale Shaw, and Josh Stade.

The drop of the green flag saw a battle for the lead between Chenoweth and Jamie Cox, with Chenoweth taking the top spot on Lap 2 ahead of Cox, as Wickett and Zardo battled for third. Wickett took the spot on Lap 3 ahead of Zardo, Box, and Horner. Schwartzenburg, Shaw, and Stade pulled off the track that lap, followed by Gresel a lap later.

Shawn Chenoweth won the race ahead of Jamie Cox, Blair Wickett, and Lane Zardo to transfer. Billy Schwartzenburg, Dale Shaw, Josh Stade, and Andrew Gresel would get provisionals. As a result, Mat Box would fail to qualify, along with James Horner, and Tyler Di Venanzo.

Come feature time, Gord Shepherd started pole ahead of Hudson Nagy, Danny Benedict, J.R. Fitzpatrick, Ryan Kimball, Jo Lawrence, Treyten Lapcevich, Shae Gemmell, Matt Pritiko, Tim Ellis, Nick Goetz, Tom Gibbons, Junior Farrelly, Jade Franklin, Jordan Sims, Jason Parker, Shawn McGlynn, Josh Stade, Billy Schwartzenburg, Dale Shaw, Andrew Gresel, Shawn Chenoweth, Jamie Cox, Blair Wickett, Lane Zardo, and Jake Sheridan.

The initial start would see a battle for the lead between Shepherd and Nagy, with Nagy getting the top spot on Lap 2 ahead of Fitzpatrick, Gemmell and Shepherd, as Benedict and Lawrence battled for fifth. Benedict got the spot on Lap 5 ahead of Lawrence, with Ellis and Pritiko side-by-side for seventh. Behind them, Kimball and Franklin battled for ninth, with Kimball getting the spot on Lap 7. Pritiko took over seventh on Lap 8, with Gibbons passing Franklin three laps later.

With 11 laps on the board. Nagy led Fitzpatrick, Gemmell, Shepherd, Benedict, Lawrence, Pritiko, Ellis, and Kimball. Lapcevich then passed Kimball for ninth on Lap 14, with Gibbons trying to follow him through but unable to. Behind them, Parker ran 12th ahead of Franklin and Stade.

The front would see a battle for the lead between Nagy and Fitzpatrick on Lap 17, with Fitzpatrick taking over the spot a lap later. Gemmell followed through to second, with Nagy slotting in line in third ahead of Shepherd, Benedict, Pritiko, and Lawrence.

The race’s first caution would come out on Lap 21, for contact involving Stade and Franklin. Stade would have heavy front end damage, with Franklin suffering a flat tire. With 80 laps to go, Fitxpatrick led Gemmell, Nagy, Shepherd, Benedict, Pritiko, Lawrence, Ellis, Lapcevich, Kimball, Parker, Goetz, Chenoweth, Sims, McGlynn, Gresel and Schwartzenburg.

Fitzpatrick got a good restart to keep the lead ahead of Gemmell, with Shepherd and Nagy side-by-side for third ahead of Pritiko. Benedict and Lapcevich ran side-by-side for sixth on Lap 22, with Benedict getting the spot a lap later ahead of Ellis, with Kimball and Lawrence side-by-side for eighth.

Nagy would secure third on Lap 25, with Pritiko following him through a couple laps later. Benedict would be the next driver alongside Shepherd, with Ellis, Lawrence, and Lapcevich rounding out the top-eight. Benedict moved into fourth on Lap 29, bringing Ellis through with him. Shepherd now ran sixth ahead of Lawrence, Lapcevich, Parker, Chenoweth, Gresel, Farrelly, Kimball, McGlynn, and Goetz.

Lawrence would get alongside Shepherd for sixth on Lap 34, but the second caution would come out for Shaw going around in turn four.

Fitzpatrick got a good restart ahead of Gemmell and Pritiko, with Nagy and Ellis side-by-side for fourth, as Benedict and Lawrence battled for sixth. Ellis got the fourth spot on Lap 36, with Benedict getting sixth a lap later. Shepherd moved up into seventh on Lap 38, followed by Lapcevich as Parker and Lawrence battled for ninth.

Benedict would get alongside Nagy for fifth on Lap 39, with Lapcevich alongside Shepherd for seventh two laps later. Benedict got the fifth spot on Lap 42, ahead of Nagy, Lapcevich, Shepherd, Parker, and Lawrence. Lapcevich then moved up into sixth on Lap 45, ahead of Shepherd, Parker, and Lawrence, as Nagy headed pit side with a mechanical problem.

Parker would then get alongside Shepherd for seventh on Lap 47, completing the pass a lap later. Lawrence continued to run ninth ahead of Chenoweth, Farrelly, Gresel, Kimball, Sheridan, Gibbons, McGlynn, Goetz, Schwartzenburg, Sims, and Shaw.

Although the field was mostly strung out single file, there were still a couple battles for position. Kimball would get by Gresel for 11th on Lap 59, with Chenoweth and Farrelly both by Lawrence a lap later. The third caution then came out on Lap 63 for Schwartzenburg’s flat tire.

The flat tires continued, with the first attempt at a restart producing a flat for Sheridan, and the fourth caution.

The second attempt would go cleanly, with Fitzpatrick leading Gemmell, as Pritiko and Ellis ran side-by-side for third. Pritiko got the spot on Lap 65 ahead of Ellis, Lapcevich and Benedict, with Parker and Shepherd side-by-side for seventh.

The fifth caution then came out on Lap 66, though, for Cox hitting the turn one / two wall.  With 45 laps to go, Fitzpatrick led Gemmell, Pritiko, Ellis, Lapcevich, Benedict, Shepherd, Parker, Chenoweth, Farrelly, Lawrence, McGlynn, Kimball, Goetz, Zardo, Shaw, Gresel, and Sheridan.

Fitzpatrick got a good restart ahead of Gemmell, with Pritiko and Ellis side-by-side for third. Pritiko got the spot, challenging Gemmell for second on Lap 68. Ellis now ran fourth ahead of Lapcevich and Benedict, with Shepherd and Parker side-by-side.

Gemmell would hold serve, with Shepherd and Farrelly both getting by Parker. Chenoweth would then pass Parker for ninth on Lap 74, with Lawrence following through a lap later. Parker now ran 11th ahead of Kimball, McGlynn, Goetz, Gibbons, Zardo, Schwartzenburg, Gresel, Shaw, and Sims.

The field would get strung out single-file, but there were still battles to watch with Gresel challenging Schwartzenburg for 17th, and completing the pass on Lap 80. Goetz would then get alongside McGlynn for 12th, with Shaw passing Schwartzenburg for 18th a lap later. McGlynn would hold onto 12th, not letting Goetz get by as they went single-file on Lap 87, with Gresel alongside Zardo a lap later for 16th.

The race would have a green flag approach to it, with the leaders single-file. However, it would not last, with Gibbons and McGlynn wrecking in turn one for the sixth caution at Lap 92.

The restart would see a battle for the lead between Fitzpatrick and Gemmell, with Gemmell taking over the top spot with six laps to go.

Shae Gemmell then led the rest of the way en route to picking up the victory ahead of J.R. Fitzpatrick, Matt Pritiko, Treyten Lapcevich, and Tim Ellis. Danny Benedict finished sixth, followed by Gord Shepherd, Shawn Chenoweth, Jason Parker, and Junior Farrelly.

Ryan Kimball finished 11th, followed by Andrew Gresel, Jo Lawrence, and Nick Goetz.

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