Warren Paxton Comes Up One Spot Short at Jukasa

HAGERSVILLE, Ontario — Starting on pole, Warren Paxton ran inside the top-three throughout the 35-lap feature Mini Stock feature at Jukasa Motor Speedway, en route to a runner-up finish.

“It never feels great to be the first loser, but it was a good day all the way around,” he told SHORT TRACK MUSINGS. “Pretty decent off the trailer, picked up speed in qualifying from practice. I haven’t even looked at times from the feature, but the car was really comfortable all day and I figured some of our competitors may get out shape as the run played on which is how it played out. We were able to pick up a couple spots – unfortunately, one short, but a good day all in all.”

While admitting a caution may have helped in his chances to beat Butler for the win, he admits that he may not have had enough to get by him in the No. 33 Honda Civic.

“Apparently, I was making ground up on him late in the race but who knows,” he added. “I mean, whether I could have done anything if I got to him, as he was well set-up for the day and good for him on the win.”

Although the Jukasa Motor Speedway event only marked Paxton’s second start of 2019 following the rained out Spring Velocity at Sunset Speedway, he will be making some more waves throughout the second half.

“We head to Sauble for the only show for the Mini Stocks up there, a couple weeks later on the Sunday at Sunset, and then here we go right to the end with Velocity at Sunset and head out to Peterborough for the Autumn Colours Classic,” he broke it down.

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