Samantha Shaw Continuing to Show Speed with Strong Performances

HAGERSVILLE, Ontario — Entering the Mini Stock 35 at Jukasa Motor Speedway, Samantha Shaw was just hoping for a solid top-10 finish. However, it turned out much better than that as she crossed the finish line in fourth.

“Seeing the field that was coming in and hearing all the names, I really expected top-10 at best based on the two tests that we did,” she told SHORT TRACK MUSINGS. “We just didn’t seem like we had it, but 35 laps, the fact that we went green to checkered, I get better on the long run. I knew that going in, so I knew I was going to get better. I didn’t think it’d be quite top-five worthy, but hey, I’m happy to be around.”

While she did not feel she had enough to compete with the top-two, she feels the door of opportunity was open for a third-place finish.

“If I had a few more laps, I may have caught (Will) Gibbons,” she commented. “I just don’t think I had anything for the top-two. We definitely have a great baseline for next time, so hopefully we get to do this again.”

The fourth-place finish at Jukasa Motor Speedway adds to a dream campaign for Shaw, which has seen her score no finishes off of the podium at Sunset Speedway this season – including a pair of trips to victory lane. Unfortunately, she is not part of the championship discussion due to an engine failure during qualifying on June 8.

“It’s been almost like a dream,” she said. “If you take out that one night, I haven’t finished off the podium – this is my first race this year off the podium and we’re already at the end of July. A lot of it is luck, but this car is absolutely phenomenal. It handles amazing. I don’t know what we found, but all the work we did is paying off now.”

She will return to the Innisfil, Ontario oval on Saturday night in hopes of going back-to-back, before heading to Sauble Speedway on Sunday.

“I love that place, but it does not like me back so I’m a little weary going into there,” she commented. “I haven’t been there in years, so I don’t know what to expect. It’ll be kind of a wild card race like this; with the exception of a couple cars, most people haven’t run there regularly, if at all. So like coming here, it’s kind of a wild card and you don’t know what to expect.

“It is a Sunday race, so the Saturday has to go well for us to get there. It’ll be a long weekend, but it’ll be worth it.”

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