Bone Stocks

Kyle Neumeister Returns to Sunset Speedway Victory Lane

Fans at Sunset Speedway got used to seeing the No. 92 in victory lane during Kyle Neumeister’s championship run last season. Though for those who may have forgotten, he returned to the familiar spot after winning the Signs of Innovation Bone Stock invitational on Saturday night.

Scott McGregor would lead the field to green ahead of Matt Boyes, Coltin Everingham, Ryan D’Antimo, Michael Neumeister, Kyle Neumeister, Mike Robinson Jr., Andrew Packer, Austyn Jennett, Andrew Shilling, Karlie Wilman, and Josh Inglis.

Scott McGregor would grab the advantage off the drop of the green flag, with D’Antimo alongside Boyes for second. D’Antimo got the spot on Lap 2, with Kyle Neumeister following him through. Neumeister continued to move forward, passing D’Antimo for second on Lap 3. Boyes continued to run fourth, with Everingham and Robinson Jr. side-by-side ahead of Michael Neumeister.

Kyle Neumeister’s climb to the front would be complete on Lap 7, as he would take the lead ahead of McGregor and D’Antimo. The caution would come out a lap later, for Wilman stopping in turn two with a flat right front tire. With 12 laps to go, Kyle Neumeister led McGregor, D’Antimo, Boyes, Everingham, Robinson Jr., and Michael Neumeister.

Kyle Neumeister got a good restart to keep the lead ahead of McGregor, D’Antimo, Boyes, and Everingham, with Michael Neumeister side-by-side with Robinson Jr. for sixth.

The only snag in Kyle Neumeister’s night came at Lap 12, when he’d get tied up in lap traffic behind Wilman. This would allow McGregor to get by him for the lead, but Neumeister would get right back by on Lap 15.

Behind them, Boyes was able to get alongside D’Antimo for third, while Robinson Jr. rounded out the top-five ahead of Michael Neumeister, Everingham, Inglis, Packer, and Shilling. Unfortunately, Inglis’ strong run came to an end when he came down pit road with a mechanical issue with three laps to go. D’Antimo would snag third, with Robinson Jr. next in line to challenge Boyes.

Kyle Neumeister picked up the win ahead of Scott McGregor, Ryan D’Antimo, Mike Robinson Jr., and Michael Neumeister. Matt Boyes finished sixth, followed by Coltin Everingham, Austyn Jennett, Andrew Packer, Karlie Wilman, Andrew Shilling, and Josh Inglis.

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