Bone Stocks

Joe Dunlop Scores Second Bone Stock Feature Victory of 2019

Starting on the front row, Joe Dunlop grabbed the early advantage and led the rest of the way en route to winning the Signs of Innovation Bone Stock feature at Sunset Speedway.

Aundrea Lusk won the first heat ahead of Ryan D’Antimo, Jeff Laflamme, Ken Iglis, and Andrew Shilling.

James Potentier scored the win in the second heat ahead of Joe Dunlop, Ken McCormick, Cheyenne Charles, and Karlie Wilman.

The third heat did not start off well, as D’Antimo would lose a wheel coming off of turn four. Aundrea Lusk went for the daily double ahead of Jeff Laflamme, Andrew Shilling, and Ken Inglis.

Joe Dunlop won the fourth heat ahead of James Pontentier, Ken McCormick, Cheyenne Charles, and Karlie Wilman.

Come feature time, Joe Dunlop started pole ahead of James Potentier, Aundrea Lusk, Jeff Laflamme, Ken McCormick, Ken Inglis, Cheyenne Charles, Andrew Shilling and Karlie WIlman.

Dunlop grabbed the advantage off the drop of the green flag ahead of Potentier and Lusk, with Laflamme and McCormick rounding out the top-five. Charles ran sixth in the early stages ahead of Inglis, Shilling, and Wilman.

The field would ultimately end up stringed out single-file over the course of the 20-lap feature, but the fans got some excitement. Laflamme would make his way around Lusk around the halfway mark for third, while Charles’ persistent paid off with a late race pass on McCormick for fifth.

Joe Dunlop picked up the checkered flag ahead of James Potentier, Jeff Laflamme, Aundrea Lusk, Cheyenne Charles, Ken McCormick, Ken Inglis, Andrew Shilling, and Karlie Wilman.

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