Mike Norris Ready for Sophomore Ontario Pro Challenge Campaign

After scoring his first career series victory last year at Flamboro Speedway, Mike Norris will once again be competing with the Ontario Pro Challenge Series in 2019.

“This season is going to very different,” he told SHORT TRACK MUSINGS. “There are a lot of new drivers that will be hopping behind the wheel; I can’t wait to see what they can do.”

While admitting that he hopes to score another feature victory, he says that the focus for this season is to “run up front all year consistently.” One of the tracks he hopes to have a strong run at is Delaware Speedway.

“I had some bad luck there last year when I got a flat tire and hit the wall,” he commented. “I was still learning and I wasn’t at the pace I was at the end of the year. This race is important to me because I feel I need to redeem myself at this track after what happen last year.”

Being successful is no easy challenge with how close the Ontario Pro Challenge competition is being “well established,” but Norris added it wouldn’t hurt to add some more drivers to continue building upon that.

For Norris, he actually got his start in the series, as it was the first car that he was able to get behind the wheel of.

“For many years before driving, I was a full time crew member for my dad,” he said. “Before driving, I spent around five years with him learning how to do everything on these cars front to back. This experience was a huge help when it came time to get behind the wheel.”

Although the win was certainly memorable from last season, Norris feels the support that he had from friends and family leading up to and including that moment meant just as much.

“When I was just learning, I always was congratulated when I came last or second last,” he commented. “Then once I started getting better and better, the support only grew which really helped a young driver like myself on and off the track.”

With his rookie campaign under his belt, he is ready to put the message out there that while anybody can get behind the wheel and race, it will take practice and commitment to be successful.

“This was very important to my success last year,” he explained. “The more effort and time I put into racing the more I started to see the results at the track. As Dale Earnhardt said, ‘It’s a never ending battle of making your cars better and also trying to be better yourself.'”

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