Dylan Holmes “Starting Fresh with the Same Car” For 2019

After a successful campaign that saw him place fourth in the year-end G.D. Coates Used Car Superstore standings, Dylan Holmes will return to Sunset Speedway in 2019 once again behind the wheel of the No. 2 Mustang.

“I don’t know how to feel entering this season,” he admitted to SHORT TRACK MUSINGS. “I don’t really have my family, brother or any of the “crew” that I had before; in a way, it’s almost like starting fresh with the same car.”

Following the season, JNL Motorsports purchased the car from the Holmes family-based team. They turned around and asked if Holmes would pilot the car for them for the 2019 campaign.

Despite some things still up in the air about what’s ahead this year at Sunset Speedway, Holmes hopes to run for a championship.

“I mean, that’s a typical racecar driver thing to say,” he commented. “But there are still so many rumours on who’s running full-time and who’s is not. It’s hard to say if that’s a goal that will be easy to reach or not. So to be honest aside from giving a solid effort for a championship, I don’t have any goal other then to have as much fun along the way.”

After scoring two feature victories and nine top-five’s last year, Holmes says it will be critical for him to improve his attitude, being smarter with his thought process, and keep himself under control in the midst of fire. That may be tough at times if the level of competition is through the roof, as rumored with a couple heavy hitters expected to make a couple appearances throughout the summer.

“The competition level at Sunset is all over the map with people that can come out and stomp the field in the first three laps, to people that you can lap in the first three laps because it’s their first year racing,” he commented. “So the competition is everywhere and this year it is hard to say where the majority of it will be, especially with the rumours going around about who’s running full time.”

Outside of Sunset Speedway, Holmes isn’t sure whether invitationals will be on his schedule, but has left the door open to run the Sauble Speedway and the Velocity 250 in September.

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