Taylor Thring Excited for Future with Dynamite Promotions, LOSC

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario — Although Taylor Thring has quickly made herself known across the province of Ontario behind the wheel of her No. 55 Thring Motorsports Mustang and for her #BurnOutTheBully campaign, she is not stopping there. The 2019 race season brings forth the launch of her own promotion company, Dynamite Promotions.

“I am in school for marketing right now,” she told SHORT TRACK MUSINGS at the Motorama Custom Car and Motorsports Expo. “I knew from when I was 10 years old, when I started in go-karts, that I wanted to stay in the motorsports field of things, but I know realistically that it’s not going to be as a racecar driver. Let’s just set that straight – as a career. I can dabble on the side, but not as a career.

“My passion has always been writing, whether that’s a journal, or for somebody, and school has been my thing since I was a kid. So I knew from the get go that I wanted to do something in marketing, publications, and be a journalist for the longest time.”

Thring got her feet wet on the promotional side of the sport last year, working with Cabral Racing Promotions, conducting video interviews throughout the season. But this year, she was able to get connected with the Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup Series, and in return is launching her own brand.

The name Dynamite Promotions was an easy decision for Thring with her new endeavor, as it comes from her initial TNT.

“I wanted to make my own platform to release my articles that I write, to give myself somewhere to actually promote myself and the jobs I am doing,” she commented. “So yes, all of my stuff goes on the Lucas Oil page, but I am in the middle of a website re-build and getting social media up and running so I can finally write and get the stuff that I’ve been hiding to myself for so long out there.

“I want to be that track promotor, racecar driver promoter, and the person writing. I want to be making the press releases, and I personally think that I am taking every proper stepping stone to make that happen.”

The Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup Series brings forth the perfect opportunity for Thring to enter the promotional side, as the series has been missing a social media presence through it’s existence to date. Thring hopes to bring that forth, by working alongside the various personalities in the series.

“You’re going to see articles every single week, interviews, Inside Track releases, and finally some social media platforms with Instagram, Twitter, Facebook – with live postings on all of those for fans that can’t make the race,” she revealed. “They do travel to Sauble and Peterborough, but for some people, those races are obviously further away where people who would like to attend can’t make it. So I want to be able to give them that content, every two lap update. So I’m really excited about that.

“There’s also going to be a video at the end of the year of everything I put together to really promote the series because Lucas Oil is no longer actually sponsoring the series. We are keeping the name because of everything they’ve done. But I think me coming in and doing their promoting for them is going to mean a lot, because we need that publicity now. I’m hoping that I can do them that favor and get them a series sponsor so they can continue the series as they put on an amazing show everywhere they go.”

Thring has already began working with the series, as evident with her debut article, starring series champion Steve Arrand.

“Steve Arrand is an amazing, phenomenal driver that I watched last year succeed at every race that he was at, but I’m telling you that 90% of the people don’t know that name,” she commented. “So that’s why I focused my first article on him, because earning that championship, he should be so proud of that. He earned every single inch of that.

“I’m so proud to give those drivers finally a platform to be promoted on.”

Since then, she posted an interview with series competitors Connor James and Michael Hryniuk Jr., while recently dropping her interview with Ken Schrader, who will be competing with the series at Full Throttle Motor Speedway. Those stories can all be viewed at

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