Zac Sprung – “We Want to Win” at Sauble Speedway

After seeing steady improvement with his program the past couple years, Zac Sprung is ready to get back at it this season at Sauble Speedway.

“We are more ready then ever to get back racing this year,” he told SHORT TRACK MUSINGS. “We have really gotten to be a stronger race team over the last two years and are ready to try to rundown some feature wins.”

Sprung isn’t about to shed away from his team’s goals, either, saying it’s time for them to reach victory lane.

“We have been at it six years this year and we’re ready to hunt down some feature wins,” he commented. “After seeing some success last year and being pulled of track due to mechanical issues, we’re hoping to get it done.”

Sprung says the critical piece for their program will be to focus on what they’re doing if they want to be successful.

“We have the speed, but bugs in the car have caught up to us every year,” he noted. “We gotta keep working through them and push forward.”

Sprung knows it won’t be easy, given the level of competition right now in Sauble Speedway’s Super Stock division.

“There’s not a more competitive division then the Sauble Speedway Super Stocks,” he commented. “It’s full of drivers that could win on any given night. If you are able to grab a win with those teams like Jake Zevenbergen, Ken Grubb and Brandon McConnell, it’s no fluke because you gotta work for it to beat them.”

Outside of Sauble Speedway, Sprung says it’s difficult to say right now whether his team will be ready to travel. However, if they are able to within their budget, he says that Sunset Speedway is on their radar as he feels they “have a program that would be very strong there.”

For Sprung, he got his start in racing through working on Doug Wilson’s late model and super late model at the age of 10. When he was 14-years-old, he was able to get behind the wheel of a super stock. Even with being behind the wheel, he hasn’t lost the work ethic of helping others.

“I have continued to work with many names in racing including Glenn Schnurr, Brian MacDonald, Jason Legge and will be continuing on to a work term at McColl Racing Enterprises this summer,” he said. “You can never stop learning with these cars or you will fall right off the pace.”

Over the years, Sprung says his most memorable moment has to be getting his first heat win a few years ago.

“Myself and #11 Matt Johnson banged doors in one and two for the entire race,” he recalled. “It was a great feeling go grab a win from the driver who later that night won the feature event.”

Through the experience he has gained, his advice to the next generation would be to put the time in and learn the cars before driving yourself.

“There are so many great classes to choose from, depending on your age range and skill level to start in, including street stock, bone stocks, four-cylinders,” he added. “The choice is really up to the driver and how they feel they will progress though the series which starter class would help them the most.”

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