Taylor Thring Ready to Continue Improving Behind the Wheel

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario — Although Taylor Thring will be busy with the Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup Series, it doesn’t mean that she’s giving up being behind the wheel. The second generation racer confirmed that she will be splitting her time between Sunset Speedway, as well as a competing at a couple other tracks.

“I am going to again to be running 10 nights at Sunset – which are my off nights with the Lucas Series,” she revealed at the Motorama Custom Car and Motorsports Expo. “I will then be following the Lucas Series around Ontario, and I’m really excited to say that mini stock will be following wherever they go.”

For Thring, it brings forth a welcome opportunity as she has only raced at three different tracks – Sunset, Sauble Speedway, and Flamboro Speedway – thus far through her young career.

“I’m excited to go to places like Peterborough, Delaware, and Full Throttle,” she commented. “I’m really excited to try Full Throttle. It’s cool because I get to travel and see what the motorsports world is like outside of Sunset sand Flamboro, which have been my homes since I’ve been running around in diapers. So it’s going to be so much fun to finally travel.”

Through the first three seasons of her career, Thring admits that it has been a struggle at times to be as consistent as she would like. However, she showed improvement last season in comparison to the previous couple, scoring a pair of top-10’s at Sunset Speedway.

“I think I grew a lot last year as a driver,” she reflected. “I was seeing that myself, but then having people like Mike Schmidt, Brian Todish, Frank Casale telling me that they saw that growth because they’re people that have watched since I started in the mini stock. But hearing it from people that are so successful and have been watching me, it means it’s not just me feeling it but them seeing it as well.

“So I personally think I have grown a lot compared to when I started. I was at the back of the pack, getting lapped every lap of every race, to now being in the top-10 consecutively on a weekly basis.”

With the success that she was able to have late in the 2018 campaign, Thring wants to carry that momentum into 2019, looking to consistently run in the top-10, possibly even moving closer to the front.

“My goal is to finally get that top-five,” she commented. “Obviously I had the podium at Sauble, but their car counts weren’t decent so I wouldn’t count that as my first podium finish. I want that podium finish. I want to be able to say that I cracked that top-five, instead of being that back of pack car.”

Beyond the mini stock, there is a chance that Thring will get her feet wet in a different division this year.

“There’s also some other things in the works,” she teased. “I may rent a car here or there in a series that I may be promoting, but I can’t say that yet, but I’m very excited to continue with the mini stock and test out some new racecars.”


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