Josh Stade Hoping to Get Back to Running Upfront Consistently

MISSISAUGA, Ontario — In an effort to get back to running up front on a weekly basis, Josh Stade will be taking his Pro Late Model program in a different direction for 2019.

“We’ve acquired a new Pro Late Model from the McColl Racing Enterprises out of London,” he revealed to SHORT TRACK MUSINGS at the Motorama Custom Car and Motorsports Expo. “So we’re excited to get testing as I have to create a new notebook. So definitely excited for what Sauble (Speedway) has to offer – a little limited schedule, but each race be a big event. So it’s great to come back to Sauble, as well as do APC (Series).”

Last season, Stade placed 13th in the year-end APC Auto Parts United Late Models of Ontario Series, with just two top-10’s in the nine races. In contrast, he was able to score three top-10’s in 2017, and three top-10’s with a top-five in 2016.

“The goal is obviously to finish strong,” he commented. “Everybody races to do as well as they can. We have a lot of great sponsor support and we’ve kind of been in a slump in the last few years. I came out the first APC Series season, did really well, finished races strong and was knocking on doors.

“Our program has struggled the last couple of years – just couldn’t get the set-up in the car. So we’ve moved on from that car, and have acquired this new piece, and hopefully we can learn with Paul Geniole (Jr.) and Mike McColl and grow with them to figure my car out.”

On top of running the full APC Series tour, Stade has committed to Sauble Speedway’s new Pro Late Model division. It marks no surprise, being his home track and being a two-time Limited Late Model track champion.

“I’m just really excited about getting back to Sauble,” he said. “It’s a great track that has been around for years. If I could win a championship there and some races, that’d make me happy. Then if I could get some podiums with APC, that’d be great, too.”

Being able to chase down the success won’t be easy, though, as the roster for both Sauble Speedway and the APC Series has continued to grow through the off-season.

“The competition the last couple of years has really blossomed into something really big, even for the home track stuff,” he commented. “If you go to Flamboro or Sauble, the guys have great equipment and they’re out there giving it out their all, no different than any other team. I would say the competition is at an all-time high right now. Any given night, I’d say there’s 15 cars that could go win the race. Everybody is showing up with new pieces and new technology.”

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    • For me, personally, I do not drive myself so I honestly am unable to get out to Full Throttle to get around talking to the drivers as I would hope to. That said, I do want the website to have coverage ranging from all the tracks and series in Ontario and welcome drivers to reach out to me for interviews for featured articles.


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