Tyler Hawn Aiming for Third Straight OSCAAR Hot Rod Series Championship

Following a successful season that saw him reach victory lane on a couple occasions, Tyler Hawn will be taking aim at his third straight Knightworks Design OSCAAR Hot Rod Series Championship.

“Our thoughts we want to come out strong again like we did last year,” he said. “The goal is to get another championship so we’re going to do whatever we can to make that happen, and I’m excited to see all the cars coming out this year.”

Following four feature wins and nine heat victories in 2018, the veteran is hoping to keep the wins coming.

“We just want to come out strong at the start of the season, and keep it clean,” he added. “There’s also a point of helping out everybody else that needs a helping hand at the track.”

While excited to get back to his home track Sunset Speedway and chase another win, the same excitement surrounds the pair of events at Jukasa Motor Speedway.

“I’m just excited for the Jukasa race because we only got there once last year and that’s the first time that I’ve raced a big track like that and I had a lot of fun there,” he explained. “We’ve changed a bit of set-up stuff in the car to make it better on the short run and the long run, so maybe we’ll be able to hold the car wide-open at the track. That’s our plan, anyway.”

Hawn will be behind the wheel of the same 1966 Beaumont that he has driven the past two seasons to those championships. While originally having thought about running a Chevelle or Chevy 2, initial deals on body kept falling through or what they were finding wasn’t complete enough.

“I got in contact with a fella in Owen Sound and he sent me pictures,” Hawn recalled. “It was complete, but it was bad shape so it couldn’t be restored because I don’t want to tear up a car that could be restored. We went and picked it up, and went from there.”

While the team has focused on improving the car each passing year, the 2019 campaign will see them feature a brand new red and white paint scheme.

“So Dad (Don Hawn) has a lot of paint schemes back in the day, and we wanted to do a retro throwback paint scheme to him,” Tyler commented. “We were looking through a lot of paint schemes – and they were a lot of darker colors. Josh Watson actually pointed this one out to me and I’m like, ‘Yeah, man.’

“We were in the shop one night and laid it out with some tape, and it turned out just amazing. Josh Watson put two weeks of endless hours into this thing to get it done – fixing the bumpers, all new quarters, all new everything, and if it wasn’t for him, the car wouldn’t be here.”

With having been involved from the beginning, Hawn has seen the growth of the series, which continues to add to his excitement.

“There are a lot of guys coming out – 42 guys that have registered, and 25 teams that have paid memberships,” he said. “So if we can get 20 cars a show, it’s going to be amazing, and the talent that I see every week that pops online there, it’s going to be an awesome, fun year. Hopefully we’ll have a few shows where 40 cars show up and we’ll have to have b-mains and everything; that’d be amazing.

“But the feedback I’ve had this weekend with everybody coming and talking, it’s been amazing. Everybody is excited.”

For the rookies who are joining the series, Hawn advises keeping your eyes open.

“We don’t run radios, so keep your eyes open and trust your car,” he said. “We run 10 inch slicks so you’re going to have lots of bite. But just watch around you because we have lots of good old equipment around here, so we have to keep these cars looking nice. The whole point of this series is to have fun. You’re not going to make big money racing this series right now, so just come out and just have a good time.”

By: Ashley McCubbin


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