Bone Stocks

Shawn Stewart Hopeful for Clean, Lesson Filled Rookie Campaign

The growth of the Grassroots Performance Bone Stocks division at Sunset Speedway is certainly a topic of discussion through the off-season as plenty of rookies have decided to join the action. One of those being S2RT Racing driver Shawn Stewart.

“I’m looking forward to getting the car built and seeing what it is capable of,” he told SHORT TRACK MUSINGS. “I’m eager to see what were able to do with it and making the adjustments necessary. This will be my first season at Sunset, so I’m excited to get familiar with the track.

“This is something that I have worked towards for many years. Every demolition derby and figure 8 race has led me to this moment – to get on the track and work with the same car and team on a weekly basis.”

Knowing the hard work that the team is putting into the new piece through the off-season, Stewart says a critical part of his rookie campaign will be keeping the car together.

“It has been a long process to get me here, so I want to focus on clean racing and improving myself every race,” he said. “I expect to find myself back in the pack and have to work hard to find myself in a competitive position. It would be an amazing experience to get the No. 2 car to victory lane this season.”

If he was able to pick up a checkered flag this year, he says it’d give his career a tremendous boost, and give him momentum as he looks towards future racing endeavors.

For Stewart, racing is something that has been ingrained in him since childhood, growing up watching every form of motorsports.

“I have always been enthralled with the roar of engines and the smell of fuel,” he commented. “As I would watch racing or demolition derbies, I knew I wanted to be a part of these events. At the age of 18, I put together my first demolition derby car. It was an incredible experience being in the demolition pit and wrecking cars. After many demolition derbies, I opened up my horizons and competed in a figure 8 race. Collecting first place in the feature race, I knew I wanted to put the smashing on hold and focus more on racing.”

Reflecting back to that time, he says one of the most memorable moments was competing in those derbies against his brother, Sunset Speedway Mini Stock competitor Curtis Stewart.

“Its great being able to compete with and against each other,” he noted. “Also, winning first place in the feature of a figure 8 race and then collecting third place in the feature demolition derby was a great way to end my demolition career.”

As he has grown up around different forms of racing, he notes that he has a lot of respect for Travis Pastrana’s perseverance.

“He never backs down to a challenge and is constantly looking for something new that he can work towards,” he said. “He has had such great success in his career because of the hard work he puts in.”

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