Morgan Robson Jr. Ready to Return Behind the Wheel

Although most people may recognize Morgan Robson Jr. for waving his flags at the race track, or his work on the promotional side, he’s ready to make an impact of a different kind 2019. After taking a step back last year, he will be back behind the wheel this season.

“My thoughts entering the 2019 race season is to learn the new car we bought,” he told SHORT TRACK MUSINGS. “I’m hoping with all the help I have we can battle for a top-five finishes each week.”

Entering the Signs of Innovation Mini Stock division at Sunset Speedway, he expects to have fun, while setting the goal to be part of the points battle all year long. He also is planning to travel to several other speedways through the summer.

“I plan on traveling to Sauble Speedway’s big race in August, Flamboro Speedway for two events, Full Throttle Speedway for one event, Peterborough Speedway’s Autumn Colors, and hoping for Jukasa as well but that’s not a 100% yet,” he explained.

The sight of Robson Jr. behind the wheel surprised some a couple years ago, however he certainly proved it was possible with the advancements in technology for hand controls.

“I laugh and smile,” he says in response to the comments. “I say if you have a dream and you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything. I look at myself and I don’t see the wheelchair; I’m just another race car driver and don’t want special treatment.”

Certainly when he first took his chance behind the wheel before, it was growing his knowledge with the hand controls that he felt was the biggest takeaway from then.

“I didn’t know how I was gonna be able to drive, steer, and watch my gauges and watch around me,” he explained. “But after learning all that, I was more comfortable in the race. So I say that’s the biggest thing I learn and will benefit me this year.”

For Robson, he got his start in racing through his father, and watching Tim Watson, Glenn Watson and John Gaunt race as a young child.

“I said when I got older and if its even possible for me to race a car, I want to race,” he said.

Despite having fun behind the wheel, he has experienced his most memorable moments in racing through his work with Robson Racing Promotions. One of the victories through that tenure that stands out was watching Justin Holmes and the HWY 400 Racing team win the Autumn Colours Classic, and “seeing the tears of happiness in the Holmes family.”

As he hopes to create some memories of his own, he thanks his sponsors Midhurst Roofing LTD, SportClips Barrie, McQuade Masonry, Kit-Cats Photography, Alliance Billiards, and Robson Ontario Racing Promotions for their support.


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