Bone Stocks

Corey Howden Set to Embark on Rookie Campaign with S2RT Racing

Photo Courtesy of S2RT Racing

With a desire for speed through his life, Corey Howden will be hitting the track at Sunset Speedway this season in the Grassroots Performance Bone Stock division.

“I’m entering this season with optimism and enthusiasm to be racing for Team S2RT,” he told SHORT TRACK MUSINGS. “Being naturally comfortable and confident behind the wheel, as much seat time as I can possibly get will settle me into how the oval track works so I can make my team proud.”

The decision to begin in the Bone Stocks came via advice from Mini Stock competitor and team leader Curtis Stewart. With the team having a car built and available, Stewart felt it was best for Howden to have his introduction to oval track racing through the entry level class.

Entering with no oval experience, Howden says he’s focused on having fun and being safe, while trying to score as many points as he can.

“Personally, five wins would satisfy a bar I have set for this season,” he added. “The only expectations are to progress over the season becoming a very competitive racer mentally and physically to represent team S2RT in the best form.”

He went on to say that If he was able to pick up at least one checkered flag this season, it “would solidify my confidence as a competitive racer, as well as making my team proud.”

As previously mentioned, Howden has had a desire of speed all of his life, noting his most adrenaline satisfying moment was reaching the top speed in his 2007 Porsche Cayman on the open road.

“I would try to get it however I could when finally getting my licence; my desire would be met by finding the top speed of every vehicle I’ve ever driven,” he said. “This would lead me to want to find a rally driving school in Florida thinking that I would make a career in Rally driving; however, my growing construction company I started near the end of high school would squash those dreams. I had brief taste of racing in competitive sno-cross before a bad accident made a change to how I’d seek out my thirst for competition.

“Street racing would take over, racing mostly for bragging rights and testing out what different cars would do. Once the fast and furious movies came out, street racing was no longer worth the risk any longer. So I would put my own desire for fast on the back burner by doing solo time trials with high end European cars where I can safely open them up.”

He eventually found his way back to racing through sponsoring Stewart, which ultimately led to this opportunity.

“I took it without hesitation with hopes of saving me from future speeding tickets off the track,” he continued.

As he gets set to embark on his journey, he’s also quick to note that he doesn’t have just one racing hero he’s looking up to.

“First and foremost would be my teammate Curtis Stewart, watching him progress over his career has been so inspiring,” he commented. “Colin McRea in Rally Racing, BJ Baldwin in trophy truck, Dale Earnhardt Jr. in NASCAR, Blake Wilkey in Baja, and Ken Block in all aspects. These hero’s of mine give inspiration and lots of content to study so I can perfect my own racing style.”


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