Luc Munsie Ready for T.Q. Can-Am Midget Season

The Lucas Oil T.Q. Can-Am Midgets will once again see a familiar face behind the wheel in 2019, as Luc Munsie has once again committed to the full campaign.

“This season is going to be one of my biggest I believe,” he told SHORT TRACK MUSINGS. “I have improved year-to-year and been running up front the better half of last season. I know the details of setting the car up now and if I stick to that, I will be ok. I still have a lot of work to do to the car but we will get it all done before April’s test and tune date.”

Going into the year, Munsie says the goal is to improve his performance and finishing position every week while having fun from the drop of the initial green flag. That will happen on Saturday, May 11 at Flamboro Speedway.

The following weekend will take Munsie and the T.Q. Midgets to Sunset Speedway, which is one of the tracks that he is looking forward to this year being his home track. However, he admits that Sauble Speedway “hands down” ranks at the top of that list.

“This has been my favourite track since visiting in my rookie season,” he commented. “It’s flat, and wicked fast! It’s unfortunate we are only there for one stop on our schedule this season.”

Munsie put together a solid campaign in 2018, ranking seventh in the year-end standings. As he looks to break into the top-five this year, he says one of the keys will not be blowing the clutch all the time.

“In all honesty, I am very confident in the car now with experience,” he said. “I had help near the end of last season to set the car up and I improved. I think I need to use that advice and information to improve overall for 2019.”

Munsie is just one of several drivers that will be returning to the series in 2019, along with a couple new faces as evident via the social media discussions.

“All racing is struggling lately unfortunately. But, the T.Q. Midgets are on the mend I think,” he commented. “There has been some car purchases in the past few months, and we are making some improvements behind the scenes this year that will help us. The biggest thing though, is that this is a very inexpensive club. My wife and I are on a tight budget with a lot going on outside of racing and I am still able to run a full schedule. I am really trying to get that part out there to our fans and anyone thinking of getting into racing.”

For Munsie, he got his start via watching it on television, followed by making the trek out to his home track, Sunset Speedway, to watch. He would then get involved behind the scenes, pit crewing until he got into college.

“When I decided to finally get into the driver seat, it was easy what club to pick,” he continued. “I have always loved the Can-Am Midgets and my dad raced with them in his early years.”

Through his career to date, he says the most memorable moment would be scoring his first career top-five late in the season at Flamboro Speedway.

“To get that first great finish, really put a lot of confidence in myself for the last race of the season, and going into the 2019 season,” he commented.

Based on his own experience to date, he says to those getting into the racing that key is set goals each and every race week to therefore promote improvement.

“Ask for help,” he added. “Most divisions have nice people and will help you get out there and put on a great show. Most of all, go out and have fun! If you aren’t having fun doing something, you won’t enjoy it.”


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