OSCAAR Showing Continued Growth Heading into 2019

It goes without saying that the beginning of the 2018 season saw some people share concerns, doubting the future of OSCAAR. However despite the comments from every direction, series president Dave Gainforth remained 120% confident the series would continue to thrive.

His faith paid off as 86 different teams across the three divisions tackled the 2018 schedule allowing each of the three classes to show an increase in numbers compared to 2017.

“As a group we’re very strong and dedicated, and we can rise above anything and any adversity put in front of us as a group,” Gainforth said at the year-end banquet.

The numbers aren’t the only thing on the rise, though, as the competition has also increased. The Modifieds saw Cory Horner and John Harper enter the final event with a mere nine points separating them, with the championship changing hands three times during the 50-lap feature.

“I’m up in the tower trying to watch the race, trying to do the math, and trying to tell the announcer what is going on, and it was pretty intense actually,” Gainforth recalled. “Again, the promoters really were shocked at what they saw out of us last year, and the fans have pulled behind us. Even a few haters – they even had to admit that they were wrong, and that’s not easy to get someone on Facebook to admit their wrong, but it did happen.”

The continued growth has everybody entering the 2019 with high hopes for continued success.

“I’m very confident that we’ve began our path, and it’s going to take awhile, but going back to being the biggest and best series in Ontario,” Gainforth said. “The competition continues to grow each year. I think this year we had six different new feature winners between the three divisions, which is absolutely amazing.”

The evidence can see on paper, with pre-season registration numbers currently going through the roof.

“There’s been a big jump in all three divisions in wanting to be a part of what we have,” Gainforth said. “They know this is the place to race, and to date between the three races, I have 117 that have requested numbers to come participate. That is absolutely astronomical. It’d be awesome if they all came one night – but I’d probably crap my drawers in not knowing what they had to do.”

As part of the pre-season discussions, the 2019 OSCAAR schedule was dropped at the beginning of January, which will see the three divisions visit seven different tracks across the province.

“We have a great season coming up,” Gainforth commented. “I wanted to ensure that OSCAAR was represented at all the big events this year – from Spring Velocity, to all the year-end specials, to being at Delaware with the IMSA’s, to being at Jukasa with the Pinty’s Series, and to being a part of the big Labor Day special in September.

“Each time we perform in front of those big audiences, especially Pinty’s and ISMA, we’re introducing OSCAAR to a whole new group of fans. Most of them don’t know who we are, and that’s important, because once they see us race, they know.”

On that note, we do hope to see you, the fans, out to as many races as you can attend this season as we promise you no matter the date, no matter the track, you’re going to be treated to quite the show.

Be sure to also stay tuned to the OSCAAR website through the rest of the off-season as we will be featuring several different drivers so you can get to know the faces that you will see behind the wheel in 2019. We also will have a presence at the Motorama Custom Car and Motorsports Expo in March, with details to be revealed about that in the coming weeks.

Also, make sure to like the official OSCAAR Racing Facebook page, while following both the Twitter and Instagram accounts (@OSCAARRacing) to keep up to date on everything you need to know.

By: Ashley McCubbin


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