2019 OSCAAR Modified Silly Season Synopsis Second Edition

With a strong finish to the 2018 campaign, it’s safe to say that things are heading in the right direction for the OSCAAR Modifieds. That showed in the first edition of the Silly Season Portal at Short Track Musings with plans being revealed for 12 different drivers. 

Since then, the news has just joined continued to drop with drivers revealing their plans for 2019. So here are some more competitors who have openly discussed their 2019 plans as of January 15, 2019.

Shawn Chenoweth made it known on Facebook that SCR is stepping up their modified game, having purchased a new car for the season. Their plans beyond that, though, are yet to be revealed. Chenoweth dipped his feet into the modified division late last year, picking up three top-10 finishes.

Wally Wilson has informed STM that he will be back for another full season of competition after placing 10th in the year-end standings. He has continued to improve each year, scoring a career-best ninth at Sauble Speedway last season.

There was skepticism when Jason Keen sold his car about his plans for 2019. However, he confirmed at the banquet that he will be back, hoping to improve on his fifth-place points standings finish.

Mike Hearty confirmed to Cabral Racing Promotions (CRP) that he will be back for the 2019 campaign, running as many races as his schedule allows.

“Most of the speedways that OSCAAR runs are over eight-hours away from my front door – so it’s just not possible for us to do every single race,” admits the Sault Ste. Marie, ON racer. “It’s a juggling act between finding the budget to make these events happen and finding the man-power to make sure that I’ll have a crew and some help when we actually pull into the pits.”

“We just try to make the most of every race night. We don’t have the luxury of being able to do this a few times every month. So, when we are at the track, the objective is to make it count. We want to race for wins and come away with as much new information as we can to make sure that we’re better in our next start.”

After running select events over the past couple of seasons, Chad Strawn confirmed to CRP that he will be running the full schedule in 2019 behind the wheel of a car that has been put together by Jr Hanley.

“I’m not sure there are many guys across this entire sport that would turn down the opportunity to work with Junior [Hanley],” smiles Strawn. “It’s something that I never imagined that I would have the chance to experience – so it’s a dream come true in just about every conceivable way.”

If you’re a driver and want to have your plans listed in the Silly Season guide, please get a hold of Short Track Musing’s Ashley McCubbin immediately to do so. 

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