Full Throttle Motor Speedway

BY THE NUMBERS: Full Throttle Motor Speedway Fun Stocks

While Dawson Urbanek was crowned the 2018 Fun Stock Champion at Full Throttle Motor Speedway, there were plenty of drivers who had success over the course of this past season.

of Phil Givens visited the winner’s circle on July 7

1.967 was the best average finish of 2018, set by Dawson Urbanek, in the 30 features entered

3.5 was the second-best average finish of the year, set by Issac Dippel, in the two races ran

3.833 was the third-best average finish of the season, set by Givens, in the six features entered

4.286 was the fourth-best average finish of the year, set by Lucas Dillman, in the seven races ran

4.348 was the fifth-best average finish of the season, set by Tommy Robb, in the 23 features entered

4.667 was the sixth-best average finish of the year, set by Cory Young, in the six races ran

of Jeremy Duguay matched his car number in feature victories

competitors scored more than 10 top-five’s – Urbanek, Ron Parsons, Robb, Duguay, and Mitch Wilkin

drivers picked up 25 or more top-10’s – Urbanek, Duguay, Parsons, Richard Geerlinks, and Wilkin

7 different faces won a race this year

11 of Parsons won three features in 2018

15 victories for Urbanek led all drivers this season, as he won half of the events he entered

19 different drivers scored a top-five in 2018

28 of Robb won four races throughout this year

28 top-five’s for Urbaneck led all drivers this season as he only failed to place in the top-five twice in races entered

28 competitors scored a top-10 this year

32 features were ran over the course of 2018

32 top-10’s for Geerlinks led all competitors as he had a worst finish of 10th twice this season

33 of Brandon Redmond won two races throughout this year

36 different faces appeared behind the wheel this season

77 of Jerrit Nugtergen visited victory lane on August 18


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