Full Throttle Motor Speedway

BY THE NUMBERS: Full Throttle Motor Speedway Mini Stocks

Photo Courtesy of John Brown

While Tessa Cremasco was crowned the 2018 Mini Stock Champion at Full Throttle Motor Speedway, there were plenty of drivers who had success over the course of this past season.

win was the highlight of Issac Dippel’s season

1.5 was the best average of the year, set by Doug Butler across the four races he ran.

was the second-best average of the season, set by Brandon Crumbie across the two features he competed in

2.7 was the third-best average of the year, set by Paul Boyd across the 10 races he ran.

victories were beneficial for Tessa Cremasco en route to the title

drivers scored 20 or more top-five’s – Brian Wilson, Cory Young, and Cresmaco.

competitors picked up 30 or more top-10’s – Cremasco, Cory McAllister, and Wilson.

3.45 was the fourth-best average of the year, set by Wilson across the 31 races he ran.

3.5 was the fifth-best average of the season, set by Scott Mast across the 12 features he competed in.

3.61 was the sixth-best average of the year, set by Young across the 23 races he ran.

wins helped make this year memorable for Young

4.44 was the seventh-best average of the year, set by Cremasco across the 32 races she ran.

of Boyd visited the winner’s circle on three occasions

victories for Wilson led all competitors in 2018

10 of Butler picked up three wins

12 different drivers won a feature this year

13 of Bobby Tolton visited the winner’s circle despite only running five races

16 different competitors scored a top-five this season

21st of July was the night Scott Schueleter scored his lone victory this year

22 competitors scored a top-10 this season

26 different faces were behind the wheel of Mini Stocks in 2018

26 top-five’s by Wilson led all drivers this year

32 features were ran over the course of the season

32 top-10’s by Cremasco led all drivers in 2018

63 of Crumbie scored a win in his lone night at the speedway

71 of McAllister visited victory lane three times

75 of Mast won three races despite only running 12

84 of Andrea Parsons got to pick up a victory this year

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