St. Onge Recreation Super Stocks

Six Memorable Moments From the St. Onge Recreation Super Stock Season

The St. Onge Recreational Super Stocks put together some great races across the season. So let’s take a look back on five great feature moments, as well as a single qualifier shocker.

The year-end specials always mean chaos, and it seems the Super Stocks take that to the next level. A late-race caution set-up a questionable battle for the lead, bringing forth official controversy and a surprise victor.

The third attempt at a restart with nine laps to go saw a battle for the lead with Semple and Passer, with Semple grabbing the advantage going into turn one. It wouldn’t be over, though, as Passer would make contact with Semple, sending him around off the exit of turn two. Race officials would deem Tom Walters involved, despite only making contact with Passer as he tried to avoid the incident. After a show of displeasure, he was blackflagged for unsportsmanlike conduct and sent off the track. Everingham would also run into issues under the caution, which would result in Holmes taking over the lead ahead of Bentley and Tiemersma.

Bentley would get a good restart, grabbing the advantage ahead of Holmes as Tiemersma and Lawrence battled for third, with Grubb and Semeraro side-by-side for fifth. Matt Bentley picked up the victory ahead of Justin Holmes, Kris Lawrence, Gerrit Tiemersma, and Brandon Passer.

The inaugural season for the Great Lakes Concrete Series certainly brought forth some special moments, including a stellar late-race battle for the lead between Kris Lawrence and Ken Grubb. For the record, Lawrence got the upper-hand this time around.

The qualifying races even sparked some great racing this year, including the second heat on a hot August night. Going back to the race report from that night, the description said it all.

The second heat can only be described as “crazy” as it should’ve produced a couple different cautions, but yet somehow remained green throughout, even with a three-wide battle for the lead at one point. Tom Walters survived it all for the win ahead of Andy Kamrath, Brandon Passer, Dan Archibald, Justin Holmes, Ryan Semple, Robbie Sikes, and Johnny Morrison.

The closest finish of the year for the Super Stocks happened on June 2, as Coltin Everingham edged out Stefan Semeraro for the win. Their battle was a treat for the fans in the stands as they went back and forth from the halfway point on in vying for the victory.

Treyten Lapcevich showed that age doesn’t matter behind the wheel, as he held off every attempt Gerrit Tiemersma took at him during the Spring Velocity feature. Despite being dead sideways off the corner, the teenager held on for his lone victory of the 2018 campaign.

From the drop of the green flag, the May 12 feature was one you had to watch. Who would imagine that they’d go three-wide for the lead on Lap 4? All three drivers managed to make out it cleanly, though. Mike Weeda and Gerrit Tiemersma stalked the back bumper of Stefan Semeraro for the rest of the feature, even getting alongside at times for the lead, but never did have enough to get by the sophomore driver.

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