Bone Stocks

Kyle Neumeister Caps off Sunset Speedway Season in Victory Lane

Kyle Neumeister ended the 2018 campaign at Sunset Speedway exactly the way it began – sitting in victory lane, as he won the Velocity 250 Grassroots Performance Bone Stock invitational on Sunday afternoon.

Phil Givens won the first heat ahead of Chris Johnston, Keara Gallant, Allan Lankin, Austin Penney, Kris Inglis, and Russ Couture.

Kyle Neumeister won the second heat ahead of Michael Neumeister, Jeff Laflamme, the 88, Gary Froude, Aundrea Lusk, and Connor Maltese.

Phil Givens went for the daily double ahead of Johnson, Gallant, and Penney.

Kyle Neumeister went for the daily double ahead of the 88, Michael Neumeister, Laflamme, Lusk, Froude, and Maltese.

Come feature time, the issues began right away for drivers on the opening lap as Couture ran into a mechanical issue that caused him to stall on track. Andy Wheller, who missed the initial green flag, would try and enter the speedway under this yellow flag – but was disallowed, and parked in the infield. With no laps on the board, Keara Gallant led Kyle Neumeister, Austin Penney, Jeff Laflamme, Gary Froude, Michael Neumeister, Aundrea Lusk, Phil Givens, the 88, Chris Johnston, Allan Lankin, Connor Maltese, and Kris Inglis.

Kyle Neumeister got a good restart to take the lead ahead of Gallant, Laflamme, Michael Neumeister, Givens and Lankin. Michael would get alongside Laflamme for third on Lap 3, getting the spot as he challenged Gallant for second a lap later. Givens would follow him through, challenging Michael for second on Lap 5, taking it a lap later. Givens now ran second ahead of Michael, with Laflamme alongside Gallant for fourth. Laflamme took the spot on Lap 7, with the 88 and Johnston following him through over the next two laps later to bump Gallant back to seventh ahead of Froude. The 88 would then challenge Laflamme for fourth, taking the spot on Lap 11, with Johnston following him through. The race’s second caution then came out on Lap 13 for Givens slowing with a problem.

Michael Neumeister got a good restart to grab the lead with Kyle Neumeister alongside Johnston for second ahead of the 88, Laflamme, and Gallant. Kyle got the spot on Lap 15, with the 88 challenging Johnston for third ahead of Laflamme, as Froude got alongside Gallant for sixth. Kyle would get alongside Michael for the lead on Lap 18, but the caution would fly for Johnston going for a spin.

Michael got another good restart ahead of Kyle and the 88. Kyle would get alongside Michael for the lead once again, with Johnston going for another spin – this time producing no yellow flag. Kyle would take the top spot on Lap 21 ahead of Michael and the 88, with Laflamme and Froude in toe. Laflamme’s strong run came to an end when he brought out the fourth caution for the wheel coming off of his car, as Johnston went for another spin.

Kyle Neumeister got a good restart to take the victory ahead of Michael Neumeister, the 88, Aundrea Lusk, Gary Froude, Keara Gallant, Allan Lankin, and Austin Penney.

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