Outlaw Midgets

Jessica James Scores Outlaw Midget Velocity 250 Feature Victory

After coming close through the years, Jessica James put together a stellar performance en route to winning the Velocity 250 Outlaw Midget feature on Sunday afternoon.

Brian Woodland won the first heat ahead of Rob McCall, Robin McLean, Ryan Brown, Wally Wilson, Mikey Homewood, Monty Farrell, Nick Spiez, and Jessica James.

Mike Bradley won the second heat ahead of Richard Woodland, Steve Lassman, Amanda McCall, Nigel Buttivant, Kevin Spiez, Lorne Vandusen, Dylan Little, Wayne McKibbon, Jody Bound, and Rick Splawnyk.

Jessica James won the third heat ahead of Rob McCall, Brian Woodland, Brown, Wilson, Adam Tyo, Nick Spiez, and Larry Lawson.

Mike Bradley went for the daily double ahead of Lassman, Bound, Richard Woodland, Little, Buttivant, Van Dusen, Kevin Spiez, Splawnyk, and McKibbon.

Come feature time, Jody Bound would lead the field to green ahead of Jessica James, Nigel Buttivant, Wally Wilson, Ryan Brown, Richard Woodland, Steve Lassman, Rob McCall, Brian Woodland, Mike Bradley, Dylan Little, Kevin Spiez, Nick Spiez, Larry Lawson, Wayne McKibbon, Rick Splawnyk, Zack Millman, Mikey Homewood, Adam Tyo, Monty Farrell, and Lorne Van Dusen.

Bound grabbed the early lead ahead of James and Wilson, with Richard Woodland and Bradley side-by-side for fourth ahead of McCall. James would get alongside Bound for the lead on Lap 3, taking the top spot a lap later. Bound now ran second ahead of Bradley, Woodland, McCall, Buttivant, Brian Woodland, Lassman, and Brown. The battle for second would heat up on Lap 9 with Bradley getting alongside Bound as they made their way through lap traffic. Bradley would get the spot two laps later, bumping Bound back to third as Richard and McCall battled for fourth. McCall got the spot on Lap 12 ahead of Richard, with Buttivant and Brian Woodland side-by-side for sixth. Brian got the spot on Lap 14 ahead of Buttivant and Lassman.

Unfortunately, Lassman’s strong run came to an end with 10 laps to go as he ran into mechanical problems. The mechanical issues continued as Richard Woodland would run into issues at Lap 19, bringing him down pit road. The caution flew a lap later as a result of Nick Spiez getting into the outside frontstretch wall. Under the caution, Bradley was moved from second to fourth for the restart for jumping the initial green flag.

Jessica James got a good final restart to take the victory, with Rob McCall and Mike Bradley rounding out the podium after passing Jody Bound on the final lap. Brian Woodland finished fifth, followed by Nigel Buttivant. Lorne Van Dusen finished seventh as the first car one lap down ahead of Wally Wilson, Larry Lawson, Monty Farrell, and Kevin Spiez. Zack Millman finished 12th as the first car two laps down ahead of Rick Splawnyk, Wayne McKibbon, Mikey Homewood, Richard Woodland, Nick Spiez, Steve Lassman, Ryan Brown, and Dylan Little.

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