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Tyler Seaboyer’s Perseverance Pays Off at Sunset Speedway

“I’m not a Shaw, I’m not a Montanari – I’m Tyler Seaboyer. I don’t give up no matter what it is.”

If you look back to this time last year, Tyler Seaboyer was a driver that didn’t find his way onto anybody’s radar. Though with this season in the books, he’s certainly caught everyone’s attention this season, and will do so more in the future.

Going with a new car for the 2018 campaign paid off for the sophomore driver as while it took some time for him to get adjusted to his new ride, he made it pay off big time. He battled hard throughout the summer, finding his way to feature victory lane on three occasions, en route to a top-five finish in the season-ending standings.

The final win of the year came in the season finale where he’d find his way to the lead by Lap 9, leading the rest of the 41 circuits en route to the victory. It wasn’t as easy as it looked, though, as these past couple weeks have presented some adversity.

“I’ve had brake problems the last few weeks and I just found out a couple minutes ago before the race that the brake pedal is hitting the steering column,” he said. “I can’t seem to steer where I want to go; I almost hit the wall a few times tonight.”

He was able to avoid the wall, and find his way to victory lane – despite watching the No. 9 begin to close the gap behind him as Daniel Montanari started to reel him in.

“The brakes were starting to go – not that there was much of that,” he said. “Dealing with traffic in a way almost spun me out a few times, but I’m here so that’s what counts again.”

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