Press Release

Ethan Constable Caught up in Crash at Sunset Speedway

INNISFIL, Ontario — After entering the night with high hopes following a couple back-to-back strong runs, Ethan Constable’s night ended early on Saturday at Sunset Speedway.

The night didn’t start off smoothly, with Constable running into issues during the first qualifying race. He would then bounce back for a fourth-place finish in the second heat.

Starting 15th for the feature, he would look set to make up ground early, though a car would go around for a spin ahead of him on Lap 2, leaving him nowhere to go. As a result, the No. 11 Super Stock would suffer heavy front end damage, ending Constable’s night early.

The team immediately went to work in the shop to fix the damage sustained, with hopes of scoring another strong finish their next time out. Constable had entered the night following a pair of podium finishes, with eight top-10’s on the scoreboard for the 2018 campaign.

Constable is proud to be supported by Lefroy Plumbing, Innisfil Garage Doors,, RTI Equipment Solutions, Sturdy Power Lines, and Mr. Auto Service.

Press Release by Ashley McCubbin


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