Dylan Holmes Experiencing Career Season at Sunset Speedway

Currently sitting fourth in the Signs of Innovation Mini Stock standings at Sunset Speedway, Dylan Holmes is in the midst of a career season.

“So far this year has been the best and its only getting better,” he told SHORT TRACK MUSINGS. “We have made so much progress with my car; it is unreal.”

The team’s hard work is showing on-track as at the beginning of August, Holmes made his way to the front of the field, taking the lead on an early race restart and not looking back the rest of the 25-lap feature en route to his first career victory.

“Being able to finally get my first win was awesome,” he said. “I could imagine it actually happening. I’ve been so close so many times that to actually get it was such a relief.”

The night as a whole, though, turned out perfect for the Hwy 400 Transmission team as his brother Justin Holmes also scored the feature victory in the super stock event.

Since then, both brothers have visited victory lane once again and will hope to do so on Saturday night in the extended distance feature. Another checkered flag would certainly help Dylan as he tries to fulfill his goal of catching third in points. He will enter the night just 13 points behind Tyler Seaboyer.

While the success has been great this year, he admits that the competition level right now in the Mini Stock class is a little all over the map.

“There’s two groups of cars out there – fast ones and slower ones, and all I can say is I wish there was more faster cars,” he said. “But they have been slowly going down in numbers because prices of everything are going up and driving people out.”

The success has also began to see fans question when Holmes will be making the step up to the Super Stock division or higher. While stating he got the chance to practice his brother Justin’s car, he said this is the family’s last full season of racing.

“Everything is up for sale but the trailers,” he said. “So if the cars don’t sell, Justin and I will take turns racing one of the cars next year. So it all depends what car sells if I’ll get in the Super Stock. But regardless, the points racing is done for us.”

Holmes’ interest in racing developed through his father Jason and brother Justin, as a result of his brother wanting to race ATVs.

“That being down in London, my dad didn’t want to travel so he put Justin in stock car racing at Barrie,” Dylan recalled. “Then when I was of age to drive a race car, he asked me if I wanted to race. That’s how it all started, aside from the fact my dad raced Barrie in the late 90s to 06 so you could also say I grew up at Barrie Speedway.”

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