POLLARD: “Ain’t Got Much Choice but to Come Back Now”

When Jukasa Motor Speedway announced the Canadian Short Track Nationals, rumors began immediately about the big names it would draw, and the event didn’t disappoint at the beginning of this month. One of the greatest all-time short track racers Bubba Pollard made the trip to Canada, and certainly made it his worthwhile in taking home the $50,000 cheque that went with the victory.

“Just a good race,” he told SHORT TRACK MUSINGS. “It’s awesome to see these fans and it’s just amazing, really unbelievable these last two weeks have been so good for us. Come to a new place, not have much practice – just an awesome race to be apart of.”

Through both practices, though, it didn’t look like the No. 26 would be heading to victory lane as Pollard ended both sessions down the back half of the scoreboard in the 30s.

“I don’t make many laps in practice anyway,” he commented. “We fought a brake issue that we didn’t get resolved till the end of practice. So we had to start the race from where we qualified and come from there. Our baseline is close enough that we can go to any track and be good at. I felt like we could’ve been a lot better if we had a lot to work on it.”

Starting from the sixth, he began to make his way forward, running second at the halfway mark of the event. He’d remain there through the second half, before taking the lead from Raphael Lessard at Lap 143. From there on, he led the rest of the way, holding off the field on a series of restarts in the process.

“I didn’t think it was going to be that racy, but once we started racing, the track widened out and just awesome,” he said of the facility. “Great place to race.”

The victory just adds the storybook career that he has had to date with victories across the board. However, it doesn’t mean he’s anywhere near done yet as there’s plenty still left on the bucket list including the elusive Snowball Derby, Octoberfest, and Wincester 400.

You can also bet that you will see him at Jukasa Motor Speedway in the future once again, too, as the increased purse each year from here to 2021 when it’ll reach $1 million is certainly on his mind.

“It’s amazing,” he said. “Short track racing needs a guy like him and we just need to keep supporting as much as I can. I ain’t got much choice but to come back now.”

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