Great Lakes Concrete Series

Tiemersma Scores Super Stock Thriller at Sauble Speedway

In a race that had a little bit of everything on Sunday at Sauble Speedway, it was Gerrit Tiemersma scoring the feature victory for the Great Lakes Concrete Series Super Stocks.

Kris Lawrence won the first heat ahead of Shawn Chenoweth, Herb Walters, Jake Zevenbergen, Jager McMaster, Carson Nagy, Paul Pepper, and Jaymee Adams.

Brandon McConnell won the second heat ahead of Tiemersma, Ken Grubb, Ryan Semple, Travis McLean, Steve Book, and Robbie Sikes.

Come feature time, Carson Nagy led the field to the green flag ahead of Travis McLean, Jager McMaster, Jake Zevenbergen, Ken Grubb, Herb Walters, Paul Pepper, Robbie Sikes, Brandon McConnell, Kris Lawrence, Jaymee Adams, Shawn Chenoweth, Ryan Semple, Gerrit Tiemersma, and Steve Book.

Nagy jumped out to the early lead with McMaster, Zevenbergen, Grubb and Walters in toe as McConnell and Pepper ran side-by-side for sixth. Further up the field, Zevenbergen got alongside McMaster for second on Lap 3, taking the lead a lap later. Grubb would move into third on Lap 5 ahead of Walters, McMaster, McConnell, Chenoweth, and Tiemersma as Semple pulled off the track.

At the front of the field, Zevenbergen got alongside Nagy for the top spot on Lap 8, taking it one lap later, bringing Grubb and Walters through with him. McMaster was next to challenge, and that didn’t go well as contact would result in Nagy going around and the first caution at Lap 11. With 39 laps to go, Zevenbergen led Grubb, Walters, Chenoweth, McConnell, Tiemersma, Lawrence, Sikes, Pepper, Book, McLean, Adams, Nagy, and McMaster.

Zevenbergen got a good restart to keep the lead as Walters moved into second, with McConnell and Grubb side-by-side for third. McConnell got the spot, with Lawrence following him through as Lawrence then challenged McConnell for third on Lap 12, with Chenoweth alongside Grubb. Lawrence moved into third a lap later, ahead of Chenoweth, with Grubb back alongside McConnell, now for fifth.

Grubb would take the fifth spot on Lap 15 ahead of Tiemersma, McConnell, Pepper, Nagy, McMaster, Sikes, Book, and Adams. McMaster would then pass Nagy for ninth on Lap 18, with Sikes looking to follow him through. McMaster’s climb back through then featured a pass on Pepper for eighth at Lap 20, with Nagy staying ahead of Sikes, Book, Adams, and McLean.

At the front of the field, Walters got alongside Zevenbergen for the lead on Lap 23, taking the top spot as Lawrence followed him through. Lawrence then put the bump-and-run on Walters a lap later to take the top spot, with Chenoweth following him through.

Unfortunately, this was the end of Walters’ day as he would blow the motor for the race’s second caution at Lap 26. With half of the race complete, Lawrence led Chenoweth, Zevenbergen, Grubb, Tiemersma, McConnell, Nagy, McMaster, Sikes, Book, Adams, and McLean.

Lawrence got a good restart to keep the lead as Zevenbergen moved into second, with Tiemersma alongside Chenoweth for third. Tiemersma got the third spot on Lap 29, bringing Grubb through with him to bump Chenoweth back to fifth.

The field would stretch out single-file until the third caution came out on Lap 35 for Adams spinning. Under the yellow flag, Sikes made his way down into the pits, getting some adjustments before returning. With 15 laps to go, Lawrence led Zevenbergen, Tiemersma, Grubb, Chenoweth, McConnell, Nagy, McMaster, Book, Pepper, McLean, Sikes, and Adams.

The restart saw a battle for the lead between Lawrence and Zevenbergen, with Lawrence taking the top spot on Lap 37 ahead of Tiemersma, Chenoweth and Nagy as Zevenbergen fell back to fifth ahead of McMaster, McConnell, Nagy, and Book.

McMaster would challenge Zevenbergen for fifth, and there’d be contact, sending both drivers around in turn four for the fourth caution at Lap 41. With nine laps to go, Lawrence led Chenoweth, Tiemersma, Nagy, McConnell, Grubb, Book, Sikes, Pepper, McLean, Adams, and Zevenbergen.

Lawrence got a good restart to keep the lead ahead of Chenoweth as Tiemersma and Nagy battled for third. Tiemersma got the spot on Lap 43, with McConnell and Grubb following him through.

At the front of the field, Lawrence got loose through turn three, allowing Chenoweth to get alongside for the lead. The pair battled until the caution flew on Lap 46 for debris.

The restart did not go smoothly for the top-two, as Lawrence got into Chenoweth off of turn two, sending him around for a spin, and the sixth caution. With both drivers sent to the tail of the field, Tiemersma would inherit the lead.

Tiemersma would get a good restart to hold onto the top spot as Grubb and McConnell battled for second. Grubb got the spot with three laps to go ahead of McConnell and Nagy, as Lawrence got alongside Zevenbergen for fifth, with Chenoweth alongside Book for seventh. Lawrence got fifth coming to the white flag ahead of Zevenbergen and Chenoweth, with Sikes alongside Book.

Gerrit Tiemersma crossed the finish line to score the victory ahead of Ken Grubb, with Carson Nagy finishing third ahead of Brandon McConnell as the pair got together at the checkered. Kris Lawrence got fifth ahead of Jake Zevenbergen and Shawn Chenoweth.

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