Samantha Shaw Ready to Get Back to Victory Lane

With nine top-fives in nine races this season, it’s safe to say that Samantha Shaw is having a great season at Sunset Speedway halfway through the year.

“I’ve been having so much fun this year,” she told SHORT TRACK MUSINGS. “I still can’t believe how well we’ve been running. To run well, it’s not just about being fast, you also have to be lucky. So far everything has worked out in our favor. True to form though, we’re constantly looking for more and trying to get faster every week.”

After scoring the feature victory on opening night, consistency has been the name of the game, including three runner-ups in the last four events.

“We were a little frustrated about a month ago, just because we couldn’t seem to get a handle on this car, no matter what we did it just would not cooperate,” she said. “Now though, we seem to have figured out what it wanted and we’ve been strong every week since those changes. It’s not perfect yet, but we’re closing in on it.

“We spend a ton of time in the shop every week, going over this car and making the changes we need to, in order to keep this car up front.”

With being close to snagging the checkered flag on a weekly basis, everybody has been wondering when will the No. 81 Mustang grace victory lane again this season.

“This car has been so good; it’s bound to happen eventually, right?” She offered. “If we keep ourselves at the front and out of trouble every week, one of these races will work out in our favor.”

Whether that win comes this weekend on Saturday, July 28, or a couple weeks now. there’s one thing for certain – her success is inspiring the new wave of female racers as the cheers for her grow every week.

“Growing up I always looked up to my uncles; there wasn’t really a strong female competitor to look up to,” she admitted. “I work hard with my team to have these results, so I’m proud to be someone that these girls can look up to and potentially want to be in the future.”

For those who may be looking to follow in her footsteps, Shaw says the key is to never stop learning.

“No matter how well you run, there’s always going to be someone smarter or faster; learn from them and use what you learn to make yourself better,” she added.


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