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FIVE THOUGHTS TO PONDER: Signs of Innovation Mini Stocks

With about two months left of racing at Sunset Speedway, things are certainly getting interesting when it comes to the top drivers in the standings as everybody tries to tally up as many points as possible. With that in mind, it’s perfect time to bring back everybody’s favorite column

Daniel Montanari is the man right now, leading the Signs of Innovation Mini Stock standings by 16 points over Samantha Shaw with four feature wins to his credit. Notably, he has yet to finish outside of the top-four this season with an average finish of 1.75. Certainly if this trend continues, he will be your 2018 Champion. However, a small slip up and the door is wide-open for the rest of the field.

Competition is close despite Montanari running away with the lead as of this moment. He’s not the only driver posting weekly top-fives as Shaw also has eight top-fives in eight races, hence the gap not being as large as expected given the performance seen. However, you also have to look at Tyler Seaboyer and Dylan Holmes, who have posted a top-10 in each of the eight races. For Seaboyer, his lone finish outside of the top-10 was sixth a week ago after having to start deep in the field after winning the June 30 feature.

Five different feature winners help emphasize that point. The last four features have won by Montanari, Mike Robinson Jr., Seaboyer, and Andy Kamrath. If you add in Shaw’s feature win from week one, there’s your five. The streak could easily continue as Holmes has been close with a pair of podium finishes this year, with Brad Townsend also impressing despite a limited schedule with a top-six finish in each of his four starts, including a runner-up.

Tough luck has been a shock for defending series champion Cameron McGlashan, who dealt with back-to-back finishes outside of the top-10. Now following a fifth two weeks ago, he may have righted the ship to return to victory lane.

Chandler Bos may have missed a night with a trip to Sauble Speedway, but Mustard Seed Racing hasn’t slowed down one bit this season. Could he finally break through for his first career feature victory? He has been solid this year with five top-10’s in seven races, including a pair of fourths.

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