Race Reports

Frank Davey Becomes Sixth Straight Different Feature Winner at Sunset Speedway

The diversity of winners in the Super Stock division continues with Frank Davey scoring the feature victory on Saturday night.

Tom Walters won the first heat ahead of Coltin Everingham, Gerrit Tiemersma, Johnny Morrison, Dan Archibald, Stefan Semeraro, Mike Weeda, and Dan Robb.

Brandon Passer won the second heat ahead of Frank Davey, Justin Holmes, Dustyn Mombourquette, Paul Pepper, and William Hughes.

Dan Archibald won the third heat ahead of Everingham, Weeda, Semeraro, Morrison, Walters, Tiemersma, and Robb.

Justin Holmes won the fourth heat ahead of Davey, Passer, Hughes, Mombourquette, and Pepper.

Come feature time, William Hughes started pole ahead of Dustyn Mombourquette, Gerrit Tiemersma, Johnny Morrison, Frank Davey, Brandon Passer, Coltin Everingham, Justin Holmes, Dan Archibald, Stefan Semeraro, Tom Walters, Paul Pepper, Jordan Lawrence, Dan Robb, and Mike Weeda.

The early stages saw a battle for the lead between Hughes and Mombourquette, with Tiemersma and Morrison side-by-side for third, and Davey and Passer side-by-side for fifth. Hughes would grab the early advantage on Lap 3, Tiemersma alongside Mombourquette for second.

The feature quickly turned ugly though, as the field would spread out three-wide for the top spot down the backstretch, with Mombourquette getting underneath the rear of Hughes. That would get Hughes sideways, causing Morrison to drive up on Hughes’ left side door, before both drivers went around. Behind them as everybody tried to escape the crash, both Lawrence and Weeda collected significant damage. With 28 laps to go, Tiemersma led Passer, Davey, Everingham, Archibald, Holmes, Semeraro, Walters, Weeda, Robb, Pepper, Mombourquette, and Hughes.

Tiemersma got the lead on the restart with Davey and Passer side-by-side for second, as Everingham battled Holmes for fourth. Davey got the runner-up spot on Lap 5 ahead of Passer, as Everingham and Holmes continued side-by-side, with Archibald and Semeraro side-by-side for sixth.

Davey would track down Tiemersma for the lead, getting alongside on Lap 7, as Passer ran third with Everingham and Holmes still side-by-side. Davey would get the top spot two laps later ahead of Tiemersma and Passer, as Everingham cleared Holmes for fourth ahead of Semeraro, Archibald, Weeda, Robb, Mombourquette, Hughes, and Pepper. Everingham continued his climb forward, getting alongside Passer for third at Lap 13.

With 16 laps on the board, Davey led Tiemersma, Everingham and Passer, as Semeraro and Holmes ran side-by-side for fifth with Archibald and Weeda side-by-side for seventh ahead of Mombourquette, Hughes, and Pepper. Semeraro got the fifth spot on Lap 20, with Passer getting alongside Holmes for sixth, as the battle for seventh continued. Passer would tag Holmes with eight laps to go, but that didn’t deter Holmes as he took the sixth spot a lap later, with Archibald grabbing seventh on Lap 24.

Archibald looked to continue moving forward, getting alongside Passer for sixth with five laps to go, but was unable to complete the pass. Meanwhile, Holmes would challenge Semeraro for fourth as they came to the white flag.

Frank Davey won the feature ahead of Gerrit Tiemersma, Coltin Everingham, Justin Holmes, Stefan Semeraro, Dustyn Mombourquette, Mike Weeda, Brandon Passer, William Hughes, Paul Pepper, and Dan Archibald who got spun on the last lap by Weeda.


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