Race Reports

Nick Goetz Out-Battles Shepherd to Late Model Victory at Sunset Speedway

In a battle that lasted throughout the 35-lap feature, it’d be Nick Goetz scoring the Sauble Falls Tent and Trailer Park Late Model victory at Sunset Speedway on Saturday night.

Gord Shepherd set the quickest time in qualifying at 14.646 seconds ahead of Nick Goetz (14.672), Danny Benedict (14.772), Paul Maltese (14.802), and Jo Lawrence (14.803). Ron Quesnelle was sixth, followed by Kendra Adams, Billy Zardo, Mike Wilkinson, Nic Montanari, Connor James, Al Inglis, Lorne Quackenbush and the 33. Unfortunately, James would not take the green for the feature due to problems.

Off the drop of the green flag, Goetz and Shepherd battled side-by-side for the lead, with Benedict third as Maltese and Lawrence battled for fourth. Goetz got the top spot on Lap 5 ahead of Shepherd and Benedict, as the battle for fourth continue ahead of Quesnelle. Lawrence got the spot two laps later, with Maltese getting alongside Maltese for fifth.

Behind them, Fumerton ran seventh ahead of Wilkinson, as Zardo and Adams battled for ninth. Adams got the spot on Lap 9 ahead of Zardo, with Inglis running 11th ahead of Montanari, the 33, and Quackenbush.

Quesnelle would get the fifth spot on Lap 11 ahead of Maltese, Fumerton, Wilkinson, Adams, Zardo, Inglis, Montanari, the 33, and Quackenbush. The battles didn’t end there, though, with Adams getting alongside Wilkisnon at the halfway mark for eighth, but unable to complete the pass.

The top-five got interesting with 10 laps to go, as Lawrence would get alongside Benedict for third, with Fumerton alongside Maltese for sixth. Contact would happen, though, sending Benedict around for the spin and caution at Lap 28. With seven laps to go, Goetz led Shepherd, Quesnelle, Maltese, Fumerton, Wilkinson, Adams, Zardo, Montanari, Benedict, Lawrence, Inglis, 33, and Quackenbush.

The restart saw a battle for the lead between Shepherd and Goetz, with Quesnelle and Maltese side-by-side for third ahead of Wilkinson, Fumerton, Adams, and Zardo. Goetz would clear Shepherd for the top spot with three laps to go, as Maltese and Quesnelle had slight contact off of turn four. Benedict’s climb back forward was going quickly, too, as he’d move into eighth coming to the white flag.

Nick Goetz picked up the win ahead of Gord Shepherd, Paul Maltese, Ron Quesnelle, and Mike Wilkinson. Ernie Fumerton finished sixth, followed by Kendra Adams, Danny Benedict, Jo Lawrence, and Billy Zardo. Nic Montanari finished 11th, followed by Al Inglis, the 33, and Lorne Quackenbush.

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