Bone Stocks

Kyle Neumeister Enjoying “Fairy Tale” Season

It seems no matter the track the Bone Stocks are racing at, the man to watch this season has been Kyle Neumeister, who has scored multiple victories through the first two months of racing.

“It feels like a fairy tale and I’m waiting for it to end or wake up,” he told SHORT TRACK MUSINGS.” Usually we are lucky enough to sneak out a couple wins, but it seems where ever we go we’ve had a flawless race car and been fairly lucky without putting a scratch on her.”

So far this year, Neumeister has been undefeated at Sunset Speedway, winning all five features. He also picked up a checkered flag at Delaware Speedway, as well as winning the Pure Stock “STOCK” Car Nationals at Flamboro Speedway. While some people have wondered why his talents have gone up a notch in the racing ladder, Neumeister says the bone stocks are a perfect fit for him due to the cost.

“They are affordable to build and maintain, and some guys can’t build them so when we are finished after every year we sell ours to anyone who can’t build one in their drive way,” he said. “I also feel this class is the most entertaining as you never know what can happen and that’s the type of racing I enjoy watching and being involved in.”

With the success that he’s had at Sunset Speedway thus far, it’s no surprise to hear his plan is to finish out the year there, while traveling to other speedways across the province to take part in the variety of invitationals.

For Neumeister, racing has always been in his blood, beginning with his grandfather Art Neumeister who ran in the CASCAR Series. Kyle then began watching his uncle run Enduros each weekend, which got him addicted.

Since the beginning of his career, he has been picking up checkered flags, with the most memorable moment coming when he got to race his dad.

“It has had its good moments where we’ve both placed in the top-three and its bad nights where I was lapping him and he spun me out, luckily recovered and was able to win the race that night,” he said. “All in all, no memories compare to those that you share with family and friends.”


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