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Cameron McGlashan Set for Remainder of Sunset Schedule

After parting ways with his own mustang, Cameron McGlashan isn’t set to give up the racing steering wheel yet as he will make his return to Sunset Speedway, set to run the rest of the Signs of Innovation Mini Stock schedule.

The opportunity comes virtue of Dave Middel, who has offered up his mustang for McGlashan to drive for the rest of the 2018 campaign. For fans familiar with McGlashan, this is the same car he completed the 2017 championship season with after blowing the motor in his car.

The team expects to be fast right out of the gate, given McGlashan’s record at Sunset Speedway over the past three years, including two championships.

“It was a crazy year,” he said. “We were third or fourth most of the year and there were some protests near the end there, and it was a crazy twist turn of interesting way to end it because everything was up in the air. Everybody thinks that we just got lucky with those guys being protested and disqualified, but we went through a lot of stuff ourselves. Four weeks in, we blew the bellhousing; we blew the tranny at Sauble, we had a crash, I pulled off one night – we went through a lot of stuff this year, too. To be even be close enough to be in reach – I was driving a borrowed car the last few nights, a car that wasn’t even an eighth of a car that we ran most of the nights. To be able to battle through all of that and still be close enough to have a chance and get it, it’s a season we won’t forget – that’s for sure.”

McGlashan will once again have sponsorship from longtime supporters Arbor Aces Tree Care Inc, ORVAuto, and Orillia Metal Fabrication.

Keep up with Cameron McGlashan and McGlashan Motorsports by liking their facebook page at and following Cameron McGlashan on twitter at

Press Release by Ashley McCubbin/AM Marketing –

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