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Daniel Montanari Hat Tricks to Victory Lane at Sunset Speedway

After coming close to winning the championship last year, Daniel Montanari is making it clear that he’s the favorite to win this season with another feature victory at Sunset Speedway on Saturday night.

Daniel Montanari won the first heat ahead of Dylan Holmes, Jason D’Antimo, Eric Rainey, Ken Townsend, and Brad Townsend. The heat did feature a quick caution, though, as D’Antimo and Brad Townsend went around for a spin together in turn three and four.

Tyler Seaboyer won the second heat ahead of Samantha Shaw, Chandler Bos, Bob Phinnemore, Peter Wakeling, Scott McGregor and Taylor Thring. Thring failed to take the green flag, though, as a result of a broken clutch.

Daniel Montanari went for the daily double ahead of Holmes, Brad Townsend, Jason D’Antimo, Ken Townsend, and Eric Rainey.

Samantha Shaw won the final heat ahead of Seaboyer, Bos, Phinnemore, Inglis, and McGregor.

Come feature time, Jason D’Antimo was on pole ahead of Chandler Bos, Dylan Holmes, Samantha Shaw, Tyler Seaboyer, Daniel Montanari, Bob Phinnemore, Brad Townsend, Ken Townsend, Eric Rainey, Peter Wakeling, and Scott McGregor.

Bos grabbed the early lead off the drop of the green flag with Shaw up into second, as Montanari and Holmes battled for third. Montanari would get the spot on Lap 2, with Holmes now fourth ahead of D’Antimo. Seaboyer ran sixth, followed by Brad Townsend, Phinnemore, Ken Townsend, Rainey, and McGregor.

Montanari continued to move forward, passing Shaw for second, before getting alongside Bos for the lead at Lap 6. He would pass him a lap later, with Shaw following suit for second. Bos now ran third ahead of Holmes, Seaboyer, Brad Townsend, D’Antimo, Phinnemore and Ken Townsend, as Rainey and McGregor ran side-by-side for 10th. Phinnemore would get alongside D’Antimo for seventh at Lap 12, as Wakeling headed down pit road a lap later.

Phinnemore would move into seventh at Lap 14, bumping D’Antimo back to eighth ahead of Ken Townsend, as Wakeling returned to the speedway. The battles continued around the track, with Seaboyer passing Holmes for fourth at Lap 20. Brad Townsend ran sixth ahead of Phinnemore, D’Antimo, Ken Townsend, McGregor, Rainey, and Wakeling.

Seaboyer’s climb forward continued as he’d get alongside Bos for third at Lap 23, passing him a lap later, as Rainey got alongside McGregor for 10th.

Daniel Montanari would score the victory ahead of Samantha Shaw, Tyler Seaboyer, Chandler Bos, and Dylan Holmes. Brad Townsend finished sixth, followed by Bob Phinnemore, Jason D’Antimo, Ken Townsend, and Eric Rainey. Scott McGregor and Peter Wakeling would round out the field.


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