Tyler Hawn Out-battles Archibald for OSCAAR Hot Rod Victory at Sunset

In a battle that went all the way down to the checkered flag, it’d be Tyler Hawn edging out Dan Archibald for the OSCAAR Hot Rod Series victory at Sunset Speedway.

Billy Alderson Jr. won the first heat ahead of Hawn, Douglas Fischer, Steve Book, and Jeremy Broom.

Dan Archibald won the second heat ahead of Lance Foster, Dan Price, Jeremy McLean, and Nick Clarke.

Tyler Hawn won the third heat ahead of Alderson Jr., Foster, Book, and McLean.

Dan Archibald went for the daily double ahead of Fischer, Clarke, Price, and Broom.

Come feature time, it’d be Dan Archibald starting pole, followed by Douglas Fischer, Billy Alderson Jr., Dan Price, Lance Foster, Tyler Hawn, Steve Book, Nick Clarke, Jeremy McLean, and Jeremy Broom.

Archibald would grab the early advantage as Alderson Jr. and Fischer battled for second. Alderson Jr. got the spot on Lap 2, allowing Foster to get alongside Fischer for third. Foster was able to clear him, but then got passed himself as Hawn jumped up to third on Lap 4 ahead of Foster and Fischer. Behind them, Price and Clarke battled for sixth ahead of Book.

Hawn would continue his climb forward, passing Alderson Jr. for second on Lap 6. Foster continued to run fourth ahead of Fischer, Clarke, Price, Book, Broom, and McLean. Foster would challenge Alderson Jr. for third on Lap 9, but was unable to complete the pass. Meanwhile, it’d be McLean getting by Broom for ninth at Lap 13.

As the event reached the halfway mark, the battles continued around the speedway with Book challenging Price for seventh, and Foster once again challenging Alderson Jr. for third at Lap 19.

With 21 laps on the board, Archibald led Hawn, Alderson Jr., Foster, Fischer and McLean as Book and Price battled for sixth ahead of McLean and Broom. Hawn would close the gap to Archibald as the race neared a close, getting alongside him with three laps to go.

In a battle that went right down to the checkered flag, Tyler Hawn would edge Dan Archibald out at the line to win the Spring Velocity feature.

“Honestly, I’ve never driven the car this hard,” Hawn said. “No offense to Dan, but my whole goal this weekend was to beat him. We talked each other up in the pits, and we have a good time. He ran me hard. A little bit of tire mark here and there, but that’s part of racing.”

Hawn admitted in victory lane that he was a little worried in making the move on Archibald to the outside, but “the car seemed to work really good on the outside and inside.”

“I’m still learning to trust this car, so I thought, ‘What do I have to lose? I can’t get him on the inside so I might as well try and get on the throttle sooner on the outside,’” Hawn added. “It’s just a crate motor so it was over-reving a little bit, but it is what it is.”

It marks the second straight event in a row that the pair has finished on the podium together, and they each now hold a pair of Sunset Speedway names to their credit in OSCAAR Hot Rod Series competition.

“Tyler is smart,” Archibald said. “He kept pinching me down so I burned up the right rear. He’s a little smarter than I thought. I shouldn’t had left off like I did at first when I got out front. I should’ve got a little further away to make him work a little harder. But you know what? He’s one of the best guys that I’ve raced with. I enjoy racing with Tyler.”

Lance Foster finished third following a late-race pass on Billy Alderson Jr., as Douglas Fischer rounded out the top-five. Nick Clarke finished sixth, followed by Steve Book, Jeremy McLean, Dan Price, and Jeremy Broom.

The OSCAAR Hot Rod Series will be back in action at Kawartha Speedway on June 1 alongside the OSCAAR Modifieds, Ontario Legends Series, and Bone Stocks. Make sure to come out and check out the great night of racing, remembering to either print or show the coupon to get $5 off your general admission.

Fans are encouraged to check out the OSCAAR website at http://www.oscaar.ca, while following the series across social media on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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