Mike Wilkinson Hopeful of Scoring First Career Victory

After a solid season last year at Sunset Speedway, Mike Wilkinson will be back this season, set on taking his program up to the next level.

“My thoughts going into this year is to keep moving forward, gain as much experience and knowledge as possible and put it to work,” he told SHORT TRACK MUSINGS.

Last year, his team was able to run up front, scoring 10 top-10’s with a season-best fifth-place finish in September.

“My final reflections on 2017 is that it was a positive season,” he said. “I felt like we had more to offer but are results didn’t really show it, we gained a tone of experience and confidence that where going to use going into the 2018 season.”

Now focused on this year, he says his team is focused on continually the consistent finishes, while breaking through for their first win. It won’t be easy as not only will he have to deal with the competition, but also the rule changes that have been implemented by track staff.

“To be honest I was against the changes,” he admitted. “I felt the built and crates weren’t that far off from each other. People that have been doing this a lot long then me felt this is the way the division should go, when it comes down to it I’m excited to see what these changes are going to do to the performance of the cars but I’m not sure if it’s going to tighten up the competition between the built and crate engines.”

Despite concerns over the rule changes, Wilkinson added that he feels the Sauble Falls Tent and Trailer Park Late Models are in a good spot right now, with competition across the board and everybody having “to work as hard, or harder than past years if they wanna post good results.”

For Wilkinson, he got his start in racing via motocross, and did that for awhile, before switching over to stock cars. With having friends involved and trying to help them, it just came naturally that he and his father made the dive themselves to take part in the Late Model division. Over the years, he has been able to create some memorable moments with friends.

“I’ve had a lot of fun at the track outside of the car and in the shop, working on the cars and meeting some great people,” he said. “It’s not the most proud moment but jumping over Tommy my first year was pretty memorable funny thinking back on it. He wanted to kill me.”


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