5 TO WATCH: Sauble Falls Tent and Trailer Park Late Models at Sunset Speedway

With a change in the tires and the new Great Lakes Concrete Series, there has been a heightened discussion about the Sauble Falls Tent and Trailer Park Late Models. It’s a welcome change of pace, considering fear was adamant the division would fade away in years to come.

After touching upon the likes of Rick Spencer-Walt, Gord Shepherd and Jordan Latimer in the first Late Model edition of 5 to Watch, here are some other names to keep an eye on as we close in on the new season.

Zardo Racing has announced that they will be taking a different approach to the new year, with each of the brothers set for their own unique schedules.

Billy Zardo will be running the full Sunset Speedway schedule, set to contend for the Late Model title as part of the NASCAR Whelen All-American Division I Championship. While last year ultimately did not go as planned with bad luck on multiple occasions, the old brother showed speed with 10 top-10’s, including a season-best fourth on June 24 despite not running all of the events.

Lane Zardo, meanwhile, is set to run the Great Lakes Concrete Series, as well as some Pro Late Model events. Seeing him out for the big races is no surprise, as it seems that is where he shines the most as a past Velocity 250 winner in the Super Stock, and Autumn Colours Classic Late Model podium finisher.

He should fit in fine with the late model schedule he has in hand, following seven top-10’s in an abbreviated season. Notably, it marks his third year in Late Models after scoring a victory and 12 top-10’s in his rookie campaign.

Hallyburton Brothers, meanwhile, are looking a different approach. They will both be focusing on the Sunset Speedway campaign, as well as hoping to support the new Great Lakes Concrete Series.

Thayne Hallyburton has gradually gotten better in each of his three seasons at Sunset Speedway, ultimately having a breakthrough campaign in 2017. After scoring just three top-fives in 2015, he came out this past season with a win, eight top-fives, and 19 top-10’s. If the trend continues upwards, you will certainly be talking about the No. 14.

Travis Hallyburton caught headlines in 2015, with a win and 14 top-10’s at Sunset Speedway, backed up by a win in the Autumn Colours Classic. Since then, solid performance and being a weekly contender for victories has been the name of the game. Over the past three years, he has scored four wins, 37 top-fives, and 54 top-10’s. The only thing missing? A championship, as he has fallen short each season. Could 2018 finally be his year?

Switching gears, Kendra Adams told STM that she isn’t committing to the full schedule at Sunset Speedway in 2018, but rather is set to make it out when she can. While she surprised some people with her move to the premiere division last season, she showed them that she belonged with eight top-10 finishes along the way. Continuing to grow more comfortable with valuable laps under her belt, she could very well easily score her first top-five this year.

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