Monster Jam

Top 25 Freestyle Photos from Monster Jam Action in Toronto

When you’ve got 12.5 feet high trucks flying through the air as high as the second, sometimes third level seats, then you’re certainly entertained. But when you’ve got drivers who can perform donuts, bicycles, stoppies, wheelies, and even backflips – then you’re left in total awe of the talent.

For those fans who attended Monster Jam at the Roger’s Centre earlier in January, they were certainly entertained and sometimes left in awe. Just looking back, the save put together by Haley Gauley in her first ever show still gives me goosebumps. But she wasn’t the only performer to offer something to talk about, as a bunch of other competitors, ranging from Ryan Anderson and Mike Vaters II to Randy Brown and Lee O’Donnell added to the conversation.

Over two days of competition, over 1000 photos were taken, with those being posted on my facebook page at for viewing. Making sure to choose at least one photo of each truck in competition, here are 25 of my best freestyle competition photos for viewing as we take another glance back at the weekend that was.

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