A veteran in Ontario Legends Series competition, Kevin Foisy knows what it takes to get to victory lane, as demonstrated on a couple different occasions last season.

As the Legends continue to grow in Ontario, Short Track Musings got his thoughts entering 2018.

SHORT TRACK MUSINGS: What are your thoughts going into the 2018 campaign?

KEVIN FOISY: I think this year is going to be the most competitive year thus far for Ontario Legends. There’s a lot of really fast cars in the series. I’m going to put in a good effort to run them all, and see what happens for the points.

STM: What are your goals and expectations?

KEVIN: My expectation for the year is to have a good showing at all outings. My goals for the year – I guess I will set my goals fairly high. I would like to try and win the Canadian Masters, and overall Masters Points Championship. 

STM: The big announcement for the Legends has to be the Canadian Nationals. What are your thoughts?

KEVIN: I think that event is going to very big this year. There’s going to be a lot of teams that are going to come out, especially if they get the fifth-place qualifying position for (the Nationals in) Vegas; that would be huge. There’s good prize money – over $25,000 in purse, and US Legends is talking about putting up an engine. So I think we should see 70, 80 cars for that event.

STM: That’d be incredible, especially on a Friday night at Kawartha.

KEVIN: Oh yeah. Kawartha is one of my favorite tracks.

STM: So on that note, what track are you most looking forward to?

KEVIN: Sunset (Speedway) is always one of favourites. I struggle at Peterborough (Speedway), but I enjoy racing there so it’s a tough one for me. But Sunset and Kawartha are my two favourite tracks.

STM: What are your thoughts looking back on 2017?

KEVIN: I switched to a Big Boy chassis, so it took awhile to get that dialed in. Once I figured it out, I was very pleased with how my performance went throughout the season. There’s always fast guys. Matt (Haufe) is always hard to beat, and Robin (Jongen), (Dave) Riopelle – there’s a lot of fast guys – there’s a lot of fast guys. I hadn’t been in the seat much since flipping my car at Peterborough, so getting back in the car this season, (it) took a couple races to get myself and the car up to speed.

STM: What was your most memorable moment?

KEVIN: I would have to say breaking Matt’s winning streak at Sunset.

STM: The Legends have seen a lot of growth the past couple of years. What are your thoughts on the state of the division?

KEVIN: I think the division is at its best that I’ve ever seen. The car count is very strong every week; we’re looking at 20, 24 cars every week. I think it’s one of the fastest growing series in Ontario. I get calls every week multiple times from people looking for calls. There’s a lot of interest. It’s become the car that people want to drive.

STM: That is all the questions that I have, so thank you for your time.

KEVIN: No problem. I will keep you posted on Winter Nationals. We’re headed there February 6th – we’re leaving. So we’re going to do Winter Nationals, and see what we can learn there. Hopefully we can bring a lot more wins home this season.

STM: Well, best of luck, and I look forward to seeing you at the track this summer because I can admit – the Legends always put on a great show.

KEVIN: They’re a hoot to drive. Well, they keep a lot of people interested because they’re so hard to drive.

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