Monster Jam

Ryan Anderson Slides to Third Toronto Racing Victory

Dealing with slick track conditions, 2017 Monster Jam World Racing Champion Ryan Anderson was fast from the first round to the end on Saturday night behind the wheel of Son-uva Digger for his third Toronto Racing victory in four appearances.

Round 1

The bracket was set by a blind draw during the driver’s meeting, which ultimately allowed Jon Zimmer in Dragon and Devin Jones in Barbarian to have a bye for the first round.

Mike Vaters II in Overkill Evolution laid down the first time under 21 seconds (20.675) to beat Mat Dishman in Rammunition, who ultimately broke a spindle en route to his 21.602 second time.

Anderson posted a time of 21.155 for a win the second race, which didn’t matter because Mike Vaters in Black Stallion did not complete his run due to the truck dying.

Randy Brown in Grave Digger put together a clean 21.470 pass to beat Haley Gauley, who was making her Monster Jam debut behind the wheel of Scooby Doo. Gauley would ultimately end up with a time of 32.672, but that was after a pair of penalties for clipping a car and the main ramp.

Lee O’Donnell in Mad Scientist posted a 21.340 en route to winning against Mike Christensen in Iron Outlaw with a 21.996.

Austin Minton’s clean run behind the wheel of Bounty Hunter with a 21.957 was enough to beat Hotsy, after Kurt Kraehmer went for a spin.

BJ Johnson in Gas Monkey posted a 21.570 to take the win over Dave Radzierez with a 26.967.

Round 2

Mike Vaters II slowed down with a 21.348, but it was enough to knock Zimmer out following a 21.888.

Anderson continued to get faster, laying down a 20.456 lap to beat Brown (21.605).

O’Donnell got the next win after Jones spun out.

Johnson’s 21.319 pass was enough to beat Minton after he failed to complete a pass.

Round 3

Anderson’s third pass was anything short of clean, as he spun out, taking a short cut through the middle of the two turn cars and over the ramp. But he got lucky as his mistake occurred at the same time that Vaters II broke, allowing Anderson to move on.

O’Donnell posted a 20.457, which was barely enough to knock Johnson (20.511) out of the competition.


Anderson laid down the quickest time of the day at 20.343 seconds to beat O’Donnell (20.911) for the win.

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