Monster Jam

Randy Brown Scores Seventh Toronto Victory

Putting together a solid performance from top to bottom, Randy Brown scored the Sunday afternoon Freestyle victory at the Roger’s Centre for his seventh Toronto win.

Throughout the allotted 120 seconds, the Grave Digger truck soared through the air off multiple jumps, along with a pair of well executed donuts at each end of the stadium. The black and green wrecking machine also put together a small save, and perfect back flip en route to a wreck at the end, and score of 9.882.

Ryan Anderson (Son-uva Digger) came up just shy of the scoring the win with a score of 9.417. The second generation competitor showcased his ability to get height across the stadium, despite dealing with a truck that sounded rough at times after clobbering a dirt mound. He also perfected the backflip, too, before rolling over nose first off of a jump.

Three drivers in total saw their scores in the nines, as Lee O’Donnell was awarded a 9.317. The VP Mad Scientist started off with some good height, but a failed backflip attempt saw him roll over with 14 seconds remaining on the clock.

BJ Johnson (Gas Monkey Garage) was fourth on the board despite driving around the second half of his run with a flat right front tire after cutting it over one of the jumps.

Haley Gauley rounded out her first ever weekend of Monster Jam competition fifth on the chart, after some decent air and rolling over Scooby Doo while doing donuts.

Beginning last year, Monster Jam implemented a fan judging system which sees every fan in the stadium who has a phone or tablet take part in the voting. Following the driver’s run, each fan has 40 seconds to score it anywhere from one to 10, with the average of everyone combined becoming the driver’s score.

The system has come into question on numerous occasions, regarding whether it’s fair or a valid way to score the competitors. When it came to Sunday, the freestyle competition saw the fans crown the correct winner overall – despite the scores being higher than what I would’ve given. The chart below showcases all of the drivers scores in order given by me, followed by all the drivers scores in order given by the fans.

Myself Fans
Grave Digger 9.5 Grave Digger 9.882
Son-uva Digger 9.25 Son-uva Digger 9.417
Gas Monkey 8.5 VP Mad Scientist 9.317
VP Mad Scientist 8 Gas Monkey 8.286
Scooby Doo 7.5 Scooby Doo 7.081
Overkill Evolution 6.5 Bounty Hunter 6.878
Bounty Hunter 5 Overkill Evolution 6.595
Iron Outlaw 4.75 Barbarian 5.991
Barbarian 4.5 Iron Outlaw 5.621
Xtreme Diesel 4.5 Hotsy 4.706
Hotsy 4 Xtreme Diesel 4.323
Dragon 3 Dragon 4.053
Black Stallion 1 Black Stallion 2.414
Rammunition 0 Rammunition 0

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