Monster Jam

BJ Johnson Scores First Toronto Monster Jam Victory

When Short Track Musings spoke with BJ Johnson prior to the show, he mentioned that he prefers racing over freestyle as there’s nothing like beating someone else head-to-head. He perfected that on Sunday at the Roger’s Centre, driving Gas Monkey Garage all the way to the Racing victory.

Round 1

The bracket was set by a blind draw during the driver’s meeting, which ultimately allowed Jon Zimmer in Dragon and Devin Jones in Barbarian to have a bye for the first round.

Saturday’s freestyle winner Mike Vaters II in Overkill Evolution also got a bye, as Mat Dishman in Rammunition was unable to compete due to damage sustained on Saturday. Vaters II still took a run at the track, posting a time of 23.951 seconds.

Saturday’s racing winner Ryan Anderson in Son-uva Digger posted a time of 21.707 for a win in the second race over Mike Vaters in Black Stallion (25.732).

Randy Brown in Grave Digger put together a clean 22.252 pass to beat Haley Gauley in Scooby Doo, who posted a 23.659.

Saturday’s two-wheel competition winner Lee O’Donnell in Mad Scientist posted a 21.998 en route to winning against Mike Christensen in Iron Outlaw after he broke.

Austin Minter’s clean run behind the wheel of Bounty Hunter with a 23.506 was enough to beat Hotsy, after Kurt Kraemer posted a 25.336.

BJ Johnson in Gas Monkey posted a 21.496 to take the win over Dave Radzierez with a 25.723.

Round 2

Mike Vaters II improved with a 21.789 from round one, allowing him to knock Zimmer out following a 22.513.

Anderson continued to get faster, laying down a 20.907 lap to beat Brown (22.053).

Jones got redemption for Saturday’s spin in the second round, laying down a 21.943 this time around to beat O’Donnell’s 21.523.

Johnson’s 21.062 pass was enough to beat Minton’s 23.263.

Round 3

Anderson got a little quicker with a 20.775, beating Vaters II who posted a 21.211.

Johnson posted a 20.726, which was barely enough to knock O’Donnell (20.884) out of the competition.


In the closest race of the entire weekend, Johnson laid down his quickest pass of the day at 20.591 seconds, which just beat Anderson’s 20.754 for the victory.

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