CATCHING UP WITH…… Pete Shepherd

Whether behind the wheel of a Pro Late Model or Super Late Model, Pete Shepherd showed a lot of speed throughout the 2017 season. Short Track Musings recently caught up with the short track stand-out to discuss how the year went, and more.

SHORT TRACK MUSINGS; You raced some different divisions and races last year. What are your thoughts looking back as a whole?

PETE SHEPHERD: Everything went really well. I can’t thank everyone enough – National Exhaust, McColl Racing Enterprises – for giving us a great racecar. Came a little bit short of a win, but overall had a lot of seconds, a lot of thirds, and came away with a clean racecar each time. First time being back in a few years, it felt good to have some good runs, and just really proud of everybody.

STM: What’s the biggest difference you noticed between the Pro Late and the Super Late?

PETE: Horsepower. There’s a lot more transitions in a super late model. You could really feel the car; when they get into the corner, they get in harder, they squat, rotate and a lot of power when you get on the gas. There’s a big difference, but at Jukasa (Motor Speedway) when we ran the super late model first, we ran those laps, and it really slowed the pro late down and made it go that much better.

STM: Now looking ahead to 2018, what’s in the cards?

PETE: We’re not exactly sure. We’re working on a few different things. We want to kind of dip our toes everywhere. We’d obviously love to run the Pinty’s Series, again; that’s probably goal number one. But I’d also like to run some APC (Auto Parts United Late Models of Ontario Series) races if I had the opportunity again. The sky is the limit. We ran to run dirt races, whatever there is. We’re looking to mix things up and have a lot of fun this year. I’m excited about it.

STM: What’s your perspective on the status of Late Model racing in Ontario as of right now?

PETE: I think it’s spectacular. I think it’s the best it’s ever been since I’ve been a part of racing. What APC has been able to do with the series has been – like I said, nothing short of spectacular. They’ve done a great job. I think the car count will be even higher than it was last year. Late Model racing is a lot of fun. I think people love late model racing, and it will continue to grow and get better and better.


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