CATCHING UP WITH….. Brody Rickwood

With 13 top-10 finishes in 2017, Brody Rickwood put together an impressive OSCAAR rookie season behind the wheel of his No. 83 Elgin Chrysler, Sheri Lawrence from Royal LePage, Mac Tools, and Gateway Customs Broker Pro Midget. Short Track Musings recently caught up with him to discuss how things went, and his outlook moving forward.

SHORT TRACK MUSINGS: What are your thoughts looking back on last season?

BRODY RICKWOOD: I think the 2017 season went awesome. As a series we were very successful with some strong car counts and awesome shows we put on. We all helped to progress the series all year with small rule changes and all the little things you need with a new series. As for us, this season went awesome! We were aiming for consistency all year and to be faster at the end – we achieved that.

STM: What was the most memorable moment of the season?

BRODY: My most memorable moment would have to be my heat win at Grand Bend. We had a few of our sponsors out that night and I had told dad that I wasn’t leaving without winning something so I drove the wheels off it. That was an amazing night for me that I will never forget.

STM: Being your rookie campaign, what’s the biggest thing you learned?

BODY: My biggest lesson this year was just to be patient. I needed to keep in my head the fact that I was a rookie and that I wasn’t going out to win everything. I just focused on being consistent and taking my time. I knew if I just ran a clean race I could come out mid-pack so that’s what I did.

STM: Where do you feel you could’ve been stronger?

BRODY: I feel like I was setup for a strong finish at the last race in Peterborough as I made a lot of passes just after the green. I can’t remember if we were running fourth or fifth, but we were gaining on the car in front. About two laps before the halfway flag, the motor started dropping power and we started losing those spots. I feel we could’ve had a top-five for sure if the motor didn’t eat a wrist pin clip.

STM: Having ran every track on the schedule, what’s your favourite?

BRODY: After the races in 2017, I would have to say my favourite track is Grand Bend. It is the most technical track we go to and there is nothing better then putting a bunch of fast cars in a tiny little circle!

STM: Looking ahead, what are your thoughts going into 2018?

BRODY: My thoughts on 2018 are almost no different then my take on last year. I need to improve by the end of the year and finish consistently. We are coming out in 2018 with a new car and need to have it shook down way before the start of the year so we can ensure a good finish at the first show.

STM: What are your goals and expectations?

BRODY: My goal is to finish top-five again in points. I would love to shoot for a championship, but I know it’s not realistic for me. We are going to have a lot more cars this coming year and we have a lot of talent so we need to just take this race-by-race and be prepared for anything.


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