Competing as part of the Eastern Ontario Legends Series, Cole McFadden put together an impressive season, including a podium finish at the year-end Autumn Colours Classic.

Recently, I caught up with McFadden o get the low down on his season, and more.

SHORT TRACK MUSINGS: How would you characterize your season?

COLE MCFADDEN: It was a great season as our series continues to grow and our racing just keeps getting better. We had a few issues throughout the season causing us to have a few DNFs but we managed to work through them and still come out with a fourth in points, only two points behind third place. I am beyond excited to see what next year brings; we are going to come back stronger then ever.

STM: What was your most memorable moment of 2017?

CM: Most memorable moment of the season definitely was winning my first legends heat race. I’ve been racing these cars for multiple years now and it’s such an amazing feeling to finally come out on top, even for just a qualifying race.

STM: How do you feel you could be even better now looking forward?

CM: The way I feel I could get better is by being more patient. I’m the sort of person that doesn’t want to wait for anything; during a race as I work my way to the front, I begin to get impatient which causes me to overdrive the car. I’ve gotten much better at it throughout the 2017 season but I’m really hoping I can make it work with me in the 2018 season.

STM: What is it like racing against your father?

CM: I must say racing your best friend is always a great time. Who wouldn’t want that? Between me and him, its always a race. From walking down the driveway to get the mail turning into a full blown sprinting race to see who can get to the mailbox first, to ripping around the yard racing each other on four-wheelers, to back out on the track in a actual race. Without my old man, I wouldn’t be where I am today in the racing world!

STM: What are your thoughts as we look forward to 2018?

CM: We are beyond excited for the 2018 season to arrive. Our series has races all over Ontario this year, from Peterborough to Sunset, all the way over to Grand Bend and Sauble beach. Its going to be a great season traveling to a few new tracks on the schedule. With ending the season finishing second at the annual ACC, we are confident we are going to come back stronger then ever for 2018.

STM: What is your favourite track on the schedule?

CM: I have to say my most favourite track has to be Kawartha Speedway. It only takes us about a hour to get there and its one of the fastest, longest, widest tracks we have run our cars on. Its like a super speedway for legend cars. It was also the first track I ran on as a kid when I first got into oval track cars nine years ago.

STM: Speaking of that, how did you get started in racing?

CM: Growing up as a kid, I was always at the track on Saturday night. Every weekend we would head up to Mosport Speedway when my dad ran modifieds. After my parents tried me in soccer, baseball, and even karate, all I still wanted to do was race. So at the age of nine, I started in karts; by the time I was 11, dad had me in Honda Civic for my first race at Kawartha Speedway. That’s where it all began.

STM: Looking back, what’s the most memorable moment of your racing career to date?

CM: Most memorable moment was the night I won my first race ever at Peterborough speedway. It was a feature race and it was my second last year of running Mini Stocks in the black Sunfire I had. I say the date was Aug 13, 2011, but dad seems to think it was Aug 20th, 2011. Either way, it was definitely a race, and a feeling I’ll sure never forget.

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