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END OF YEAR OBSERVATIONS: Signs of Innovation Mini Stocks

From the first event in May to the very last feature in September, the season at Sunset Speedway was filled with highs, lows, and controversial moments as the Signs of Innovation Mini Stocks put together one of the most interesting seasons to date.

While known as the By the Numbers piece in the past, this season will see a bit of a change in how it’s conducted. But here is your fabulous end of year review….

No. of Joe Dunlop got to take home a ninth-place year-end ranking following a heat win and nine top-10’s.

point was all that separated Cameron McGlashan and Daniel Montanari in the Sunset Speedway standings, with McGlashan crowned champion.

feature win for Andy Kamrath all year certainly shocked fans.

fire this year scared the crap out of everybody, thanks to Chandler Bos. No worries though, as he rebounded to finish 10th in points.

Sunset Speedway competitors have won the UNOH Youth Achievement Award – Cayden Lapcevich in 2015, and now Daniel Montanari this year.

feature wins for Daniel Montanari certainly had a smile on the rookie’s face.

3.19 was the best average finish of the year, set by Eric Yorke, if you take out his pair of disqualifications.

drivers finished in the top-10 of the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Division III Standings – Eric Yorke, Daniel Montanari, Nic Montanari, and McGlashan.

b-mains resulted in four different winners – Warren Paxton, Dylan Holmes, Dave Crumbie and Stefan Woyslaw.

feature wins for Yorke and Nic Montanari led all drivers this season.

4.6 was the best average finish of the year by a driver without a single DQ, set by Cory Young, in the five nights that he ran.

4.94 was the third-best average finish of the year overall, set by both Montanari brothers respectively, if you take out their disqualification each.

5th on September 2 was Randi Seguin’s best finish of 2017 en route to placing sixth in the year-end standings.

5.17 was the second-best average finish of the year by a driver without a single DQ, set by Warren Paxton, in the six nights that he ran.

5.67 is the best average finish of the year of a competitor who ran every single night, and with their DQs counted as last place finishes. Who gets the honor? Eric Yorke.

is the second-best average finish of the year of a competitor who ran every night, following the same rule as above, set by the Montanari brothers respectively.

top-10’s for the No. 66 of Josh Bullen led him to a seventh-place finish in the year end standings.

7.44 was the average finish which won the championship for McGlashan.

different drivers won a feature this year – beating out last year’s mark of seven.

No. 10 of Doug Butler started out 2017 strong with an emotional feature win on May 13.

12 points was all that separated Yorke and Daniel Montanari at year-end in the NWAAS standings, with Yorke coming out on top.

15 top-fives for Eric Yorke led the way of all drivers, and was key to his NWAAS crown since NASCAR only counts your top-14 nights. Daniel Montanari and Nic Montanari were the only other drivers to score more than 10 top-fives, with a total of 12.

16 top-10’s for Yorke and Daniel Montanari led all drivers this season. Three other drivers scored 10 or more this season – Nic Montanari (15), Charlie Smith (10), McGlashan (15), and Woyslaw (14).

18 different drivers scored a heat victory.

19 heat wins for Daniel Montanari led all drivers this season. He was one of four drivers to win more than 10 in 2017, joined by Nic Montanari (13), Yorke (14), and McGlashan (11).

19 drivers scored at least one top-five this year.

22nd of July is a do not ever forget date for Johnny Paradzinski, as he scored his first career Mini Stock win after last year’s Mighty Mini crown.

28 drivers scored at least one top-10 this year.

No. 33 of Paxton may have only ran a partial schedule, but he visited feature victory lane on August 12.

No. 81 of Samantha Shaw returned to previous form with a dominating feature win in June.

No. 83 of McGlashan scored two feature victories en route to the championship.

No. 84 of Lisa DeLeeuw scored seven top-10’s en route to placing eighth in the standings.


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